Spring Football Photo Gallery: March 25

<IMG SRC=http://media.TheInsiders.com/Media/College_Football/70_StoopsShirt.JPG HEIGHT=120 WIDTH=120 align=left > Mike Stoops and crew were back on the field Thursday. The theme of this spring is quite apparent: <I>HARD WORK!</>

Players do not walk anywhere at practice. They are required to hustle from drill to drill.

Enthusiasm is high at the McKale practice field. Players and coaches seem to be having a great time.

Coach Stoops is very hands on. He is constantly urging the team on, making sure they do the drills right.

Quarterbacks and tight ends work together in a fumble drill. Here Adam Austin tries to strip the ball from Ryan Kilpatrick (81).

The quarterbacks are put through a number of very different drills. Here Ryan O'Hara looks to pass while on the run.

Strength coach Corey Edmund leads the stretches before every practice and takes a very hands on role.

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