Jason Gardner Update

I hadn't spoken with Jason Gardner in quite awhile, so I sent an email asking that he bring me up to date. Today I received a response. Jason says he's still adjusting to playing in Belgium but things are going well.

"I am adjusting to everthing here," Jason said. "And you know alot of it depends on the guys on your team beacuse we practice two a day practices, so your around (your teammates) all the time."

He said all the guys speak English and there are three other Americans on the team.

"We just got a new coach," he said. "So now things are starting to turn around. We are fighting for the two and three spots for the playoffs because only four teams go."

The Internet has brought American sports much closer to everyone in the world and Gardner has kept up with Wildcats on the net.

"I keep up on the internet with the Cats," Gardner said. "And also I bought the NCAA Package on the net to watch all the games."

So what does Jason think of the way the Wildcats performed this season?

"With Arizona I think they were just lacking some big men," Gardner sais. "Because when Channing went out they were hurt and the lack of depth was tough too. But I think they did a great job. Maybe they could have done better if their attitudes were better."

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