Traveling Team: Arizona Magic

Arizona is far from a basketball hotbed, but you'd never know it looking at this year's edition of the Arizona Magic.

There's no question that Arizona has produced its fair share of quality players lately with the likes of Richard Jefferson, but this is the first time in recent memory that the state is able to boast a loaded team like the Arizona Magic.

Junior Colorado State.

The backcourt will be impressive as well with Brewster Academy-bound guard Darren Jordan, a strong floor leader who also possesses impressive quickness.

``We have a good backcourt and have three four-men who are 6-8 or taller," Magic coach David Grace said. "We're very versatile and can slow it down or speed it up."

The bench will be young, but talented. Sophomore wing James Anderson should give Grace more size up front.

``The thing I worry about is that we've gotten a lot of attention lately and I want the kids to stay humble and hungry," added Grace. "But we have great kids and this state has never had this much talent."

Arizona Magic (Phoenix, Ariz.)

Coaches: David Grace, Earl Flaggs, Anthony Ray

Affiliation: Reebok

Top Prospect: F Lawrence Hill (6-8, 210, JR)

Projected Starters: WF Ty Morrison (6-7, 215, SR*); PG Harvey Perry (6-5, 210, SR*); PG Darren Jordan (6-0, 175, JR); WG-WF Joey Shaw (6-7, 195, JR)

Others: WG Christian Polk (6-4, 190, SOPH); G Jared Bayless (6-3, 190, FR); BF-C James Anderson (6-10, 190, JR); BF Enkem Ojubough (6-9, 205, JR); G Kaleo Kina (6-3, 200, JR); WG Ray Murdock (6-4, 210, JR); PG Tim Maiden (6-1, 185, JR); G Eli Davis (6-4, 210, JR); F James Lester (6-8, 215, SR*); BF-C Marcel Jones (6-7, 310, FR); F Harper Kemp (6-6, 205, FR); F Ty Turbinson (6-5, 205, FR)

Opening Tourney:

Las Vegas – April 16-18 Famous Alum: N/A

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