Houston MSL Report: Jeremy Broadway

Houston Washington WR <b>Jeremy Broadway</b> is a prospect we've seen up close and personal two different times over the last couple of weeks. Each time, he's impressed. The latter, this past weekend at Houston MSL where Broadway clocked a (NFL-timed) sub-4.5 forty. We talk about that and the top five schools the Texas pass-catcher is presently diggin'...<p>

MSL Assistant Camp Director Sam Pagano, who has coached on every level, was quite fond of Jeremy Broadway.

"That Broadway fella is a good kid," Pagano said. "He'll look you in the eye, wants to talk to you. Just a nice-looking kid."

Jeremy Broadway
Clocking 4.45 recently at his high school (in front of both Pagano and myself), the Houston Washington wideout said he feels "real confident" about his speed after recording an NFL-timed 4.49.

"I had fun today," Broadway said regarding his thoughts on the MSL/TheInsiders Combine. "I enjoyed it a whole lot. The different agility drills gives us an idea of what kind of drills we're going to be asked to do in college and the NFL."

The Texas Hot 100 player said his goal is to attend as many camps as possible.

"I just came on down to the MSL camp to learn some things to apply to my senior season. You're never too good to learn. And I'm glad I came because I learned a lot."

Jeremy Broadway
His stock is on the rise with colleges (and in the Texas Hot 100, also) after weighing in at a very solid 5-11, 184 pounds and then showing upper-body strength with 20 bench press-reps.

But who is B. Way looking at?

The five lucky schools (at least at this point in the process) are: "U of H, A&M, Colorado."

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