Former coach visits practice

It was a sight that made many in attendance do a double take. Clad in a yellow Hawaiian shirt was an old familiar face. Former Wildcat head football coach Dick Tomey attended Tuesday's practice.

Tomey did not necessarily leave the program on the best of terms. After he resigned there were some tough words by both he and the University, most centering on his severance package. Things seem to have been smoothed over. Tomey was in town for his son's wedding and had nothing but positive things to say about the school and program. Although he didn't need to, Tomey was gracious enough to address the media following the conclusion of practice.

"Mike called me the first week he got the job. He wanted to get together and watch practice. He has been wonderful and I appreciate it."

Question: Coach Stoops really appreciates what you did here with the Desert Swarm, how much has he picked your brain?

Tomey: "He is a hell of a defense coach. We are looking at his defense now at Texas, and boy...

"I am excited for him, I am excited for the players, for the University. He has been wonderful and I appreciate it a lot. It means a lot."

Question: Did you have any second thoughts on attending practice?

Tomey: "No, not at all. First of all I was excited about seeing the players and seeing Mike. Very few of the guys on the staff do I know well, but they have great reputations.

"I have seen so many old friends today it has been wonderful. I had no second thoughts. I would have loved to have done this, it is a very emotional thing.

"I know Bob Stoops better than I know Mike Stoops, but Mike has been terrific. I am excited about what they are doing. I can't wait to watch the Cats play."

How is it going in Texas?

Tomey: Texas is great. I got cut from a baseball team, but other than that. It was officially a cut, but unofficially I was not going to be there enough to take a roster spot. (Wife) Nancy said it was the first mature decision I've ever made."

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