Spring Game Photo Gallery

A look at some of the action from yesterday's Spring Game. Shots include six shots of UA's latest football signees, <b>Lavon Means</b> laying out <b>Steve Fleming</b>, and <b>Mike Bell</b> breaking his 38-yarder down the sideline.

Mike Bell breaks free of a Kirk Johnson tackle in the backfield.

Heavner scrambles away from Lionel Dotson.

Heavner passes in the pocket.

Bell breaks his 38-yarder down the sideline.

Stoops' recruits like LB James Alford see their first significant action.

Ryan O'Hara gets ready to take a snap.

O'Hara passes to Ricky Williams out of the backfield.

Costa gets ready to pass.

Lamon Means lays out Steve Fleming.

Nicholas Folk gets ready to nail a 51 yarder.

Class of '04 recruits show up at the game. (Left to Right) McCollins Umeh, Antoine Cason, Dominic Patrick, and Brandon Lopez.

Travis Bell.

Justin Walsh.

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