Big point guard strutting his stuff

Unless you know who he is, you might not recognize Terrence Williams as a point guard. He's a legit 6-6 and has more muscle than most power forwards. On the court there is no doubt that he can run the show. We caught up with him this weekend and were very impressed with his game.

The Seattle guard is coming off a very strong weekend. He led his Rotary Select team the Las Vegas Pump & Run Championship and established himself as a top point guard prospect.

The only negative of the weekend was his match-up with Mario Chalmers on Saturday night. Williams led his team to the win, but had a lot of trouble defensively against the top-tier point guard from Alaska. The game was just a bump in the road on the way to a stellar tournament. Williams is hearing from some of the nation's top programs including Washington, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Louisville and Gonzaga, with the three West Coast schools having offered.

The Wildcats were his stated leader for a long time, but he's backed off that a little bit, although from the sound of his comments it almost sounds as if he's just doing that so as to not scare away other programs in case things don't work out with the Wildcats.

"Everybody is at the top of my list," Williams said. "I don't really have a leader, I'm open to everybody. I don't want to tie myself down to one school. That's why I kind of withdrew myself from them a little bit." He says that as of now the Cats and the Tar Heels are after him the hardest, but Georgia Tech and Washington coaches were front and center at all of his games.

Williams had been hinting that he wanted to make an early decision, but he has since changed his mind. He is now in no rush and is willing to wait and make sure the decision is the correct one.

"I think I'm going to take a couple visits first and see where I am from there," Williams said. "Hopefully I can take a few visits in May or the spring and make my decision after that. If not then I may wait until September."

Although he won't list the Cats as the top choice, he is more than willing to discuss the Wildcats and how he fits in the program.

"They run up and down a lot, which is basically my game," Williams explained. "I like to run up and down the court and just run."

He certainly passes the eyeball test. He has a great build and is a legit 6-6. He's very strong and aggressive and uses the strength to attack the rim. He's a good leaper and uses a big, sweeping running hook as one of his main weapons.

He' a tenacious defender, but needs to be better against quicker opponents. He is versatile to guard both small guards and bigger forwards. His most glaring weakness is his outside shot, which is not a consistent weapon at this time.

With his build, many assume he'd be better off as a forward, but he clearly has a point guard's mentality.

"I love to pass," Williams said. "I feel I'm a point guard. Hopefully I can play the point, but I'll play any position they need."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Despite his denials, we're hearing that Williams is still favoring the Cats. We have heard that the coaching staff does not want a verbal until after he visits Tucson. As of now Mario Chalmers is the top guard recruit, but Williams is right up there.

Photo by Carl F. Shifflette III

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