Bennett a legit two-sport star

One of the advantages of a live interview is that you can see how a player reacts to a question. What they say with their mouth may not jive with what they say with their body language. That was the case with Houston two-sport star Martellus Bennett.

Martellus Bennett may be more known for his ability on the gridiron, but he is quickly proving that he is no slouch on the hardwood. He might not be an elite basketball recruit but he has shown that he has a lot of ability and could certainly help a basketball team. The good news for Arizona fans is that he has been told that he can play both sports for the Wildcats and that is just fine with Bennett.

"As far as football and basketball, I want to play both," Bennett said. He indicated that Texas A&M, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and UCLA said he could play both sports.

The two-sport factor has had an impact on his list, two of his top three will let him play both sports.

"Arizona, Miami, and Texas A&M are my top three," Bennett said. "I do not have a favorite. The rest of my top seven are LSU, UCLA, Texas, and Oklahoma."

When asked specifically where the Wildcats rank, Bennett insisted that he has no favorite, but broke into a wide smile.

Later on when fellow Houston Hoops teammate and two-sport star Jermichael Finley was being interviewed about taking a visit to Arizona, Bennett yelled at him, "We're going together, tell him we'll visit in September."

Most fans know that Bennett is one of the better tight ends in the country, but he is showing that he can hoop as well. He has put together impressive performances at the two Las Vegas tournaments he has participated in.

Bennett is very athletic. He has the strength to bang inside, but is effective when he puts the ball on the floor and attacks the hoop. He has enough body control to initiate contact and draw fouls. There is no doubt that he could develop into an effective role player for a good basketball program.

He plays for Hal Pastner's Houston Hoops and as a result he is close to basketball assistant Josh Pastner, but he's also getting very familiar with the Wildcat football staff.

"I talked to Coach Wolf (Wolford) the other morning," Bennett said. "I spoke with Coach Stoops the other day. A lot of players call me too, a lot of the recruits."

In fact he has recruits for both sports trying to lure him to Tucson. His best friend is Fendi Onobun, the Houston forward who verballed to Arizona just a few weeks ago. Onobun's decision will factor in favor of the Wildcats.

"Yeah, it helps," Bennett confessed. "He's in my ear a bit, but not as much as you all think."

Onobun has indicated that he will make an unofficial visit to Arizona when Bennett and wants to see his buddy join him in Tucson.

Onobun and Finley are not the only links to the Wildcat program. His ties to the Hoops and the Houston athletic scene have allowed him to learn about Arizona from afar.

"I get along with Nic (Wise) pretty good," said Bennett. "Jawann (McClellan), I don't know that well, but we talk every once in awhile, when we run into each other. I know a lot of the football players like Ronnie Palmer and Joseph Longacre."

Although he knows many current and future Wildcats, he has not been to Tucson and that may be a major hurdle for getting an early commitment.

"I've been to A&M, I've never been to Arizona or any of those other schools," Bennett said. "I've been to A&M a few times. I would have gone to their spring game but I had the tournament. I'm taking a trip to visit Tucson. I'm taking a couple of visits to see which school is best."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Bennett is a better get for the football team than the basketball team, but he can help the basketball team. He is strong and athletic and can be a nice post player in college. However, he is an elite football player and if Stoops and Co. can land the big man then they should buy Josh Pastner a steak dinner.

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