Finley favors two, Cats lead

Watching the Houston Hoops is like scouting for both the basketball and the football team. Most Wildcat fans know about two-sport star Martellus Bennett, but Jermichael Finley is not as well known. Finley is another great athlete from the Houston area, and like his friend Bennett, is another two-sport standout.

Jermichael Finley is a very well regarded wide receiver/tight end prospect from Houston who also happens to be a pretty good basketball player.

Finley is about 6-4 and a good 215. He's very athletic and uses his strength well on the hardwood. He's got great quickness and can slash to the hoop. He's not a great finisher at this time, but his athleticism is hard to match.

Realistically, he is a football player playing basketball. His true calling is on the gridiron, but he could be a valuable practice player for Lute Olson's basketball team. You can tell from watching him playing hoop that he has the frame and quickness to be a standout football player.

Mike Stoops and Co. are coming on hard and the basketball team has told him he has a spot on the roster as well. The new football coaching staff is making a good impression on the big pass catcher, and you can't deny the appeal of the Wildcat basketball program. "Playing two sports is kind of hard," Finley confessed. "Arizona and Texas are my two top schools. Right now Arizona is the top. The reason I like Texas is that they hit the weights real hard. I haven't seen much about Arizona, but they are showing me a lot of support. "

Finley has some friends who are very interested in the Wildcats. Houston Hoops teammates Fendi Onobun and Nic Wise have already committed to the Cats, while Bennett is also considering playing both sports for Arizona. Although Bennett will not list the Wildcats as the favorite like Finley does, his actions say that the Cats are right up there.

"Martellus (Bennett) calls me every day to tell me that I should call Coach (Eric) Wolford," Finley said. "I've also talked to coach Charlie Williams. He'll tell me that I should go ahead and commit to Arizona." Williams has told Finley that the Cats want him to play wide receiver and that is the position he prefers. Watching Finley you immediately think of players like Reggie Williams or Roy Williams, big, physical, athletic receivers. Finley likes those players, but has a different comparison. "I think of players in the NFL, I'm like Jerry Rice," Finley said.

When talk turned to making a visit, Bennett was nearby to make sure that his friend mentioned that they'd be visiting together.

"We're going together, tell him we'll visit in September," Bennett yelled at him.

"In September I'll visit with Martellus," Finley added, laughing.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Finley is a better football player than he is a basketball player, but can help both teams. He's big and athletic, and at worst would make a terrific practice player for Olson and Co. With some good coaching he could develop into a contributor. On the football field he could be special. He's a legit 6-4 and reportedly runs a 4.5. With that size and speed he could be the type of receiver that Arizona has never had.

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