Onobun happy with his decision

The first piece of Arizona's recruiting class fell into place last month. Forward Fendi Onobun pulled the trigger just a couple of weeks after making an official visit to Tucson. Onobun is quickly moving up the recruiting lists and once again shows that the Cats were ahead of the pack in evaluating talent.

It helps that Josh Pastner has known Onobun for several years. Onobun plays for the Houston Hoops, Pastner's father Hal's traveling team. The younger Pastner and the Wildcats have had their eyes on Onobun for years and that was a major factor in landing the talented forward.

"They've been recruiting me since my freshman year and they've shown me a lot of love," Onobun stated. "Arizona is a school that has been a part of me since ninth grade."

Onobun is a 6-7 combo-forward. Although he lacks the height to be a pure post player, his athleticism and aggressiveness make him a fantastic rebounder and defender. Onobun has a terrific frame and great strength.

"He's 6-7, a tremendous leaper, a tremendous athlete, a tremendous player," Hal Pastner said. "He's got loads of upside ahead of him. He's good now, but he's only going to get better. He's got a terrific body, he's really put together for a kid his age. He's a phenomenal athlete."

Onobun is also very versatile. He's got great quickness and the skills to play small forward. He's a good slasher, who can use his strength near the basket, but isn't a consistent enough shooter to be a full-time threat on the outside, but he'll be very successful switching between both forward spots.

He looked at a number of programs, and although he has nothing negative to say about those schools, he soon realized that Arizona was the place for him.

"I also liked UCLA, Stanford, Texas and Oklahoma State, but Arizona showed me the most love and I felt like that's where I'll be able to have a good career," Onobun explained. "I'm excited. Playing for someone like Coach Olson, a hall of fame coach is an honor. Arizona produces so many NBA players, it's a good program and I like their style. I just felt like it was the place for me."

After his visit, Onobun said he was in no rush to make a decision, but that quickly changed when he committed. With the sudden reversal of his intentions, it is only natural that Wildcat fans to wonder if a last minute change of heart could be in the cards. Onobun insists he has no regrets in making his pledge when he did.

"Nah, no regrets," Onobun stressed. "Arizona is big time. no regrets at all. It's a good program. I want to play for them. Hopefully I can play there and enjoy my self for three years, four years."

Onobun is the fourth Houstonian in as many years to commit to the Wildcat basketball program. Add to that 13 football players from the Houston area, and you have a pretty nice pipeline feeding into the program.

"With all the guys from home it's like Houston in Arizona," said Onobun. "There are a lot of guys from Houston that go there. You've got Nic (Wise) coming in '06, Jawann (McClellan) coming in next year. You had Ndudi Ebi the year before that, even though he didn't go there, he continued that Houston-Arizona pipeline. Then you had Josh (Pastner), I'd be naïve to say that Josh did not have anything to do with that. He was a big part of my decision."

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