Chalmers Schedules Second Visit

Anchorage (AK) Bartlett point guard Mario Chalmers is starting to make a move with his recruitment. He'll take his second official visit in the middle of this month.

Mario Chalmers, the 6-1 point guard out of Alaska has made his move. This spring, Chalmers' play has allowed him to separate himself from the pack in terms of 2005 point guards.

His defining moment came during the Pump ‘n Run Spring Invitation in Las Vegas a few weeks ago when he scored 67 points in his final two games.

"It was real important for me because I just had to go out there and prove to myself that I could play with the best of them," Chalmers said.

As he separates himself from other guards, schools are starting to make their move in his recruitment. Arizona is in good shape and already had him on for an official visit. Kansas has made its move and he'll visit Lawrence the weekend of May 15. >{? Chalmers acknowledged that Arizona and Kansas are his top two schools. Comprising his second tier is Georgia Tech and Wake Forest.

"Wake Forest came up and Georgia Tech called today."

Georgia Tech made its move in his recruitment when assistant coach Willie Reese shadowed Chalmers for the entire weekend in Vegas.

UCLA and Marquette had previously been mentioned high on his list. The Bruins faded in his mind because of the presence of Jordan Farmar. Marquette isn't out of the picture but they'll need to move fast.

"Marquette is still up there but they haven't been recruiting me as hard as they have in the beginning."

Chalmers said that he'll probably take two more visits and would like to do so in the spring.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: we had been hearing that the Cats were in great shape, but now Kansas is in the picture. The Jayhawks have appeal because they will have no established PG on the roster in '05. The Cats may or may not have Mustafa Shakur in place. The good news is that it looks as if North Carolina is dropping off the list. Just a few weeks ago the Tar Heels were in good shape, but they have not shown a whole lot of attention the past two weeks, while other schools have been all over him.

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