Spurrier Jr. has impressed at other stops

I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas for TheInsiders' convention. It was a great way to learn about new changes coming on the network and a chance to meet many of the great people who run some fantastic web site. One such person was Brian Bishop. Bishop runs OU Insider, the Oklahoma site. He gave us a little feedback on the Wildcats' newest coach.

Steve Spurrier Jr. was the wide receivers coach at Oklahoma before leaving for the Redskins when his father took the head coaching job. It was at Oklahoma that he met Mike Stoops and obviously made a good impression on the Wildcats' headman. He made a favorable impression on Bishop as well.

"I'd take him back right now if we needed a receivers coach," Bishop said.

Spurrier obviously has the recognizable name and Bishop says that he is a lot like his father. He was very impressed with his competitiveness and fire, not too mention his knowledge of the game.

That's where the similarities end.

"He's a lot less animated than his dad," Bishop confessed. "He's just as intense, but he won't be throwing his visor around."

His more subtle demeanor is in contrast to the rest of the staff. He's not the yeller and screamer that Stoops can be. Some have taken his lack of animation to be a detriment to recruiting, but Bishop says that isn't quite accurate.

"He got some recruits he wasn't supposed to get," Bishop explained.

The name alone should open doors on the recruiting trail. Combine the Spurrier name with that of the Stoops and you should be able to at least get the attention of some recruits they might not have reached before.

You would also assume that the younger Spurrier would, at the least, run some ideas by his old man. At best, maybe Steve Sr. might drop by for a week. He's not coaching this year and he has to like the idea of Tucson's many golf courses. Don't be shocked if the ‘Old Ball Coach' doesn't watch a practice or two.

Moving on…

Bishop and I spoke at length about Stoops. He was very optimistic about the future of Wildcat football.

"It's going to take a year or two for him to be successful," Bishop said.

I told him that Wildcat fans were just hoping for five, maybe six wins.

"Oh, they'll be over .500," he said, almost surprised at the low expectations. "They'll be in a bowl game. I just meant they won't be able to challenge USC this year. It may take a few years to challenge for the Rose Bowl. They'll get to a bowl this year."

I guess at Oklahoma they feel that 6-5 isn't successful. Hopefully Arizona fans will think the same way in the near future.

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