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Everyday the staff at Cat Tracks gets asked various questions about Wildcat athletics. We combined a few of the questions asked of us in this feature.

Questions are asked on the message boards, in e-mails, during chats, on our radio show and even in person. We figured if one person had a question, many others probably did to.

From: RickyK (via Cat Tracks' chat)
Q: I have not heard anything about Phil Clark from spring practice. Is he still with the team?

A: Although nothing official was ever released, Clark was not on the spring roster and has presumably left the team. He suffered a concussion during preseason camp and never got into the swing of things.

From: Wildkatze (via Cat Tracks' chat)
Q: What are you hearing about workouts now that spring drills are done?

A: Everything we've been hearing is that the Cats are working hard. Weight room participation has been very high and it is almost imposssible to go into the weight room with out seeing a dozen football players. The players are working hard conditioning as well. I saw a handfull of linemen working at the practice field on their footwork.

From: bowweevil (via Premium football board)
Q: From what I read, most of Tucson's talent goes out of state. Is it because they want to leave home?, leave Tucson? The U 's degree's do not attractthe "outside world"s" eyes.. We do not offer enough subjects etc. etc.?

A: There are several reasons:
1. Kids want to get away from home. A lot of kids want to see something new and gain added independence.

2. Bigger programs have come in to raid. A lot of Tucson talent have gone to schools like Purdue, USC and UCLA. At the time they were much better options.

3. Some Tucson coaches did not like the prior staffs. Tomey had a lot of detractors in town. Shauaro and Sabino often steered kids away from UA. A lot of other coaches did not like Mackovic.

From: AMountain (via premium hoops message boards)
Q: I've heard that Julian Wright may be good enough to jump from high school to NBA. How careful are the Cats being? Will they take him and wait or would they back off? Would they consider two wings if they grab him?

A: That is a concern. The Cats will be very careful in their pursuit of any player that has a chance to go pro. My guess is that they would consider a lesser player who they know will spend 2-4 years in the program.

That being said, they love Wright. If he assures them that he will play in college, then they will stay on him.

From: dsman22 (via basketball message board)
Q: Anyone know anything about this Gerald Green? On other sites he is rated really high, but on here he isnt to high.

A: Well, he is a 4-Star recruit according to the Insiders. That's pretty darn high. He has a great frame and is talented. The big question is just how good is he really. Right now schools like Kansas and Arizona are looking at him, but ASU and Kansas State are the teams giving him real interest. Expect him to get some better offers, I just don't know if it will be top-10 offers.

From JimD (via e-mail)
Q: What impact will Steve Spurrier Jr. have on recruiting?

A: The Spurrier name should open some doors. While he isn't his father, he has been associated with programs like Florida, Oklahoma and the NFL. At Oklahoma he was seen as just an average recruiter, but his pedigree certainly won't hurt.

From DannyG (in person at the Two Sons barbershop)
Q: How good is Jesus Verdejo?

A: All indications are that he is very good. TheInsiders' recruiting analyst Jeff Goodman is really high on him and both Arizona players and coaches feel that they got a good one. He brings added toughness and competitiveness to the team. Add to that the fact that he has won everywhere he has gone and you have a lot of the intangibles that the team lacked last season. From all accounts, the kid can also fill it up. All told, it looks like another great pick-up for the Wildcats.

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