Scouting Report: Jermichael Finley

A lot of people are quite intrigued with two-sport star Jermichael Finley. Finley is a top football prospect and a pretty good basketball player as well. We give you the run down on just how good he is at both sports.

Football recruiting analyst Stacey Dean breaks down his skills on the gridiron.

Having seen footage of Diboll WR/TE Jermichael Finley already, it was time to do the necessary film study to see where exactly he ranks in our May Texas Hot 100 rankings and as a football talent overall...

Finley, who measures about 6-4, 210/215, 4.6, brings plenty of size and speed to the position. After doing intensive film review, kid is not what you'd call a breakaway threat. He is, however, certainly what you'd describe as a serious red zone- and jump ball-threat. Kid excels at two things when it comes to catching the ball. One, he loves catching the ball at its highest point. The other? He has the presence of mind to come back to the ball on dig/hitch routes. You simply love watching receivers who understand the need to do just that...

The Lone Star State pass-catcher is tough and knows how to get open. He's able to utilize his big body to wall off defenders and both physical and fast enough to command respect from his opponents as well as plenty of opportunities in the passing game.

If he continues to grow, look for Finley to move to a tight end position. For now, though, he reminds more of a Herman Moore-type. Kid is definitely someone to contend with and will pose match-up problems and be a force to reckon with in the red zone.

Cat Tracks editor Brad Allis has seen him play basketball in person.

The first thing you notice about Finley is his size. At 6-4 he isn't particularly tall for a wing player, but he is very strong. He's got a football player's build. With his superior strength he is able to fight inside and get to the rack. He is a very good rebounder and uses his muscle to outrebound taller players.

He is also very quick. He has nice speed in the open floor and can also take opponents off the dribble. With legit WR speed, he's got the advantage over most basketball players. His quickness makes him very effective in the open floor and he has the hops to be a very fun finisher.

Where Finley struggles is finishing. He's not a particularly good shooter and he even has trouble with very easy shots. He will battle on the boards, only to miss several put backs. While he doesn't finish well, his shot looks fairly nice. You can see the potential is there to develop into an effective offensive player.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Finley is a football player who is good enough to help a basketball team. While he can help on the hardwood, his future is in football. Arizona has told him he can play both, but he'll be on a football scholarship if he comes to Tucson. Right now the Cats have a slight lead over Texas for his services.

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