Terrence Williams update

The past few weeks have seen Wildcat fans focused on Mario Chalmers. While many fans wondered what the nation's top rated point guard was going to do, many forgot the Wildcats were also recruiting another point guard pretty hard. Now that Chalmers has chosen Kansas, the spotlight on Terrence Williams grows a little brighter.

Terrence Williams is a 6-6 point guard from Seattle who may be one of the most intriguing players in the class. He's a point guard, but he has small forward sized and linebacker strength.

Arizona made Chalmers a priority, but it has been enamored by Williams the entire time. Chalmers may have gotten the first visit, but that was not because Williams was not wanted. At the time Chalmers came to Tucson Williams had yet to post a valid test score, making an official visit impossible.

Now that Chalmers is out of the picture, Williams is the lone point guard currently on the Wildcat wish list. They may try to get in on some other players, but as of now Williams is all alone.

At one point Williams openly professed the Wildcats as his leader, but right now he claims things are wide-open.

"I wouldn't say I have a leader," he said.

With the commitment of Chalmers to the Jayhawks, most assumed that their pursuit of Williams was over. Not so says Williams.

"They want me and him to be a backcourt," said Williams. "They see us both as sort of combos."

Although Williams has said he wants to be a collegiate point guard, he would not rule out playing next to Chalmers.

"(The commitment) makes them a better team," Williams said. "If I go there it is because there is a chance to win."

Arizona is still heavily involved. Although no longer a clear favorite, Williams loves the tradition of point guards at Arizona and, of course, one Lute Olson. He could become an even bigger priority of the Wildcats and you can expect Olson will now make a serious effort to further evaluate Williams and make sure he'd be a good fit.

"At Arizona I would be coached by a great coach and be on a great team," Williams said.

At one point Williams was a little upset about a lack of attention by Arizona, but that was quickly rectified. Williams knows that Chalmers had already visited and been evaluated, and that the Cats would not push for a commitment until he visits and Olson sees him a few times in person.

"It's cool," Williams explained. "Recruiting, it's a tough game. They are a college and have to do what they need to do. I haven't really thought about it after we cleared things up."

Louisville will get a visit in early June and the Cardinals and Georgia Tech round out his top four, with schools like Washington, North Carolina and Gonzaga still in the hunt.

He's mentioned in the past that he'd like to play with fellow Seattle stand-out wing Marcus Williams. Marcus told us last week that the two Rotary Select teammates have discussed playing at the same school and Terrence said that it is a possibility.

"If we can, we'd love to play together," Terrence Williams said. "It's something to consider, but we're not going to keep harping on it."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Williams still loves the Wildcats. They may not be the favorite, but they are in excellent shape. We have heard that Williams is maintaining great communication with the Arizona staff, possibly to avoid any further miscommunication. He can play any perimeter position, so playing alongside Mustafa Shakur would not be a concern as it may have been for Chalmers.

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