Cats have options in pursuit of PG's

As soon as Mario Chalmers announced that he was headed to Kansas instead of Arizona, Wildcat fans began wondering just what the team was going to do in terms of landing a point/combo guard. The staff at Cat Tracks got a number of e-mails from worried fans. They have nothing to worry about, Arizona has a number of options.

First and foremost the Wildcats are still in on Terrence Williams, the 6-6 guard out of Seattle. Williams was really the only other point guard the Wildcats were looking at besides Chalmers. Many assumed that Chalmers was far and away the Wildcats' top point guard prospect, but that may not quite be the case.

Chalmers had the upper hand because he made the early visit. The Cats would love to have had Williams in for a visit early but couldn't, because he had not posted a test score. With Chalmers interested and eligible to visit, the Wildcat staff made him a target recruit.

With Chalmers being hotly pursued, many assumed Williams was a secondary target. That wasn't the case, at least not exactly. Chalmers is more of a true point guard and may be ready sooner to assume the full duties at the position. Because of this he was the top target of the two. From what we have heard, the Cats were very intrigued with what Williams brought to the table, but when they saw an opportunity to lock up Chalmers early, they took it.

Williams is a player who can play all three perimeter positions, but really wants to be a point guard. He certainly looks like he can handle the chores, although he may not make anyone forget Jason Kidd. While Chalmers may be the more sure thing at point, Williams is the more intriguing prospect. He's a legit 6-6, can jump out of the gym and is built like a power forward. The kid screams "upside".

The best news is that Williams has a test score and can now make visits. He's already lined up a trip to Louisville and has expressed interest in visiting Tucson. Don't be surprised if the Wildcat coaches don't try and make that happen sooner rather than later.

Other than Williams, the Wildcats really don't have a point guard on the radar screen. The Cats have backed off the likes of Darren Collison and Anthony Goods already.

They may try to get in on some new prospects. As of now a few elite point guards still claim to be wide open. Both Chris Douglas-Roberts and Bobby Frasor have said recently that they would consider new teams, but neither has mentioned Arizona and there is no indication that the Wildcats have made contact.

Expect the Cats to evaluate a number of guards at the July camps. It is not uncommon for the Wildcat coaches to uncover a number of prospects at the Nike and ABCD camps and this year there is a third camp with Reebok getting involved.

Don't be shocked if the Wildcats don't take a point guard at all. They seem to feel quite comfortable with the players they have in place. If no one leaves early, the Wildcats would have Mustafa Shakur, Chris Rodgers and Daniel Dillon, three players who can handle the job, on the roster.

Arizona will not just take somebody to fill the spot. They want a player who can come in and make an impact. At the very least, they want a player who can challenge the incumbents every day in practice.

All that we really know at this point is the Cats will make a run at Terrence Williams. After that things are up in the air.

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