Steve Spurrier Jr. meets the media

It's not often that the hiring of a tight ends coach draws a lot of attention. Then again it is rare when the coach shares the same name as one of the best college football coaches of the past 20 years. Steve Spurrier Jr. doesn't run from his name but is still a little surprised with the hoopla. "Lot of excitement for a tight ends coach," Spurrier Jr. said to a room full of reporters and cameramen.

How exited are you to be here?

Steve Spurrier Jr.:Very excited. I know Mike Stoops, I've worked with Mike Stoops, he's a real good guy. I worked with Bob Stoops, he's a great guy. The Stoops' are a great family. I love his (Mike's) priorities in life, what's important to him and how you build a winner. I'm excited to have an opportunity to work with him, be in the Pac-10 and be at Arizona. It's a place that has a chance to be successful and I'm happy to be a part of it.

Did you have conversations with Mike Stoops early on?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: A little bit, not a lot. Not much, we talked a little bit about different things. After that, not much, he was real busy recruiting, real busy trying to get a lot of guys in place here. Then I talked to him a couple of months later.

There were rumors that he tried to hire you back in December?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: Yeah, I know. People kept telling me that too. I wasn't sure why. A lot of rumors swirl around, but no, we never talked much about that.

Will it be tough to make the adjustment to tight ends from wide receivers.

Steve Spurrier Jr.: Yeah, a little bit. There's going to be some things with our offensive line, with protection. Some things down in the trenches will be a little bit different for me. I've dealt with it a little bit. I'll be prepared and I feel qualified to work with those guys and do the different things tight ends need to do. I feel comfortable working with those guys.

Was it a hard sell to get you here?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: No, not really. The opportunity to coach here, it's a great school with great people. We have a really good staff. No, I was really excited to be coming here. I had to sell my wife a lot more than Mike Stoops had to sell me.

Are you happy to be returning to college football?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: I look forward to it. The NFL was fun. The two years I was there I had a lot of good players. I tell you, it's a tough business. It's a grind, it's different relating and working with guys. It's different motivating guys. It's a different business. There's no recruiting, but sometimes when you can recruit your own guys and you've got a larger group of players to work with (it's better). I sort of enjoy the teaching more too. In college you work with young men and sort of get some reward by seeing a guy learn something and put it into action.

Is the college game a better fit?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: For me? I think that is fair to say. Coaching is a crazy profession. You never know where you'll be or what you'll be doing. I was happy to have the opportunity and the experience to do that in the NFL. Yeah, I'd like to stay in college. Will your dad be around this year?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: Yeah, he mentioned that I should ‘find a place big enough for me. I'll be down for a couple of games.' He has some time to kill.

Are you comfortable with the attention you get because of him?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: No, not really. I though there might be one or two people asking a couple of general questions. I think the name brings a lot of attention and I think a lot more people are curious about may name than they are about the new tight ends coach. I'm excited to be a part of this. Mr. Livengood is a great guy, a great athletic director. Just talking with him I can tell he's very excited about the prospects of this program and what football has a chance to do here. I'm looking forward to it. I have an opportunity to make this place successful.

Are you a ‘Fun & Gun' guy?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: I like my dad's offense. I think we do some similar things here. We'll be in the shotgun. I haven't seen all of Mike Canales' offense but what I've seen and what I've looked at is that he's going to spread it out and move it around. I like some of the things he does and I feel like I can contribute to the offense here.

Do you want to coach with your dad again?

Steve Spurrier Jr.: Not necessarily. Sometimes you get stuck with the impression that he's the only guy you can coach for. Honestly, I'd like to avoid that. The years that I've coached with him have been great. I've learned a lot from him. I enjoy working for him. I enjoy coaching with him. Professionally I think it's better if I don't coach with him.

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