Terrence Williams update

At the AAU tourney at Hec-Ed last weekend, one of the nation's top AAU teams was in the draw. Seattle's own Rotary Select was making its way through their bracket and Terrence Williams took time between games to talk with us.

The competition on the AAU circuit is tough, as Williams broke it down. "The toughest team is definitely Friends Of Hoop. They have a lot of weapons. The guy on that team that is probably the toughest is Mitch Johnson. No one steals the ball from him and he plays hard-nosed defense. He's really tough."

Williams also had praises for future Jayhawk Micah Downs. "Micah brings a lot of things to the court as well. He can face you up and shoot or just blow by you and dunk. He's really athletic and brings a lot to the table."

Terrence's teammate is Marcus Williams. "He's the high school version of Carmello Anthony to me. He can jump, pass, shoot, and do it all."

Rotary Select faced another in-state big man last week. "We played against Artem Wallace, but his team quit against us. I didn't really watch him too much, but he's very strong. I think he had 10-12 points against us."

Another teammate of T-Will is a point guard from Issaquah. "Garrison Carr gets underestimated because he's small, but then he'll go and hit five three-pointers in a row on you. He can shoot very well."

You want a guy to watch for in the future? Williams gives you one. "Ryan Anderson from Emerald City is a young up and comer. Everyone will see that he'll be the next big thing, and I think he'll wind up on Rotary Select."

When Williams plays, it's obvious that he's having fun. "I play well when I'm having fun. This is a tough game, but you have to take every game and have fun."

His recruiting story still remains very open. "I'll visit Louisville on June 11th and I'm trying to set up a visit with Indiana on the 5th. We'll see. "I am a ways away from deciding. I want to try to get three solid visits before I even think about deciding. Louisville, Indiana, and Arizona are probably the three visits I'll take. Washington is still in it for sure." Don't be surprised, however, if Terrence makes up his mind shortly after returning from Louisville.

When asked about the hometown team, Williams opined, "Everybody is going crazy because they had a good year. But to be honest with you, I want to see what it will be like next year without Nate. He was their heart of their team so I want to see what they do without him. I'm still going to weigh my options, definitely."

As for his high school teammate C.J. Giles, Williams felt that Kansas was the right choice. "CJ made a good decision to go to Kansas. If the visit would've gone better here, I think he would've gone to the UW. He grew up here so he knew this city, so they probably needed to do a bit more on his visit. But I think he made a good decision to be honest. It's Kansas."

As always, we have to ask him about football because of his physique. He's used to it by now from us, so he answers with a smile. "I love football, even more than basketball to be honest with you. But when I juggled the two, basketball won. I want to concentrate on just getting better at one sport, and it will be basketball."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS The Cats have Williams at the top of their wish list for guards. He seems wide open but recently told Kansas recruit Micah Downs that he was going to commit to Bill Self. Downs wasn't sure if he was kidding or not, but it seems doubtful as he really wants to be a college point guard and the Jayhawks will have Mario Chalmers in the fold. The Cats have not put any extra attention on Williams, but they were showing a lot to begin with.

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