Pangos Camp Day 2

<B>CYPRESS, CA -</B> The Pangos All-American Camp may be the best showcase of talent on the West Coast. With a format similar to the July shoe camps, Pangos allows players to play alongside athletes other than their AAU teammates. The action is free wheeling, which can be both good and bad.

Most of the players are from the west, but there were a number of kids from Texas and the East Coast.

One of the Texans is Wildcat commit Fendi Onobun. The forward has had a mixed day on Saturday. Observers said he struggled early in the day, but he was playing very well when we saw him. He admitted that his shot was off, but he was aggressive and got to the line seemingly at will.

Onobun played primarily at the three, but spent plenty of time in the post. His size and strength made him a tough match-up for smaller wing players, yet big men could not handle his quickness.

Dallas' C.J. Miles was among the best players of the day, despite missing the morning session. Miles was hot from the outside. He started the last game of the night by hitting three of his first four three pointers. Teams started respecting the outside shot and he burned them by slashing to the basket.

Miles insists that he and Kevin Rogers are seriously considering being a package deal. He also said that both players want to visit Arizona and the Cats should be in the final five. Miles missed the morning session because he was taking the S.A.T.

D'Andre Bell says every team in the Pac-10 but Arizona is recruiting him, but don't be shocked if Arizona gets involved. He has nice size and is a real athlete. He has the length and height Arizona covets in a wing. We didn't see him take many jumpshots, but he blamed the "streetball" nature of the event.

Joe Darger may not be an Arizona recruit, but the kid can play. He is a nice shooter and is always around the ball. Right now Utah State, UNLV, UCLA, ASU and Oregon State are coming on the hardest, but he is "wide open".

Reactions are mixed on big man Theo Davis, but the big man can certainly move. He is very mobile and looks to have a ton of upside. We didn't get to see much of him, but he looks pretty darn good. He runs the floor very well, but did not show off much of his offensive game.

PG Anthony Goods played as well as I have seen him. He was much more impressive than he was six weeks ago in Las Vegas. He was passing great and scoring well. His shot was falling and he was in synch with his teammates.

SG Seketoure Henry can flat-out score. It isn't always pretty, but he just finds a way to get the ball in the basket.

The camp is actually a better showcase for younger players. The 2006 class alone is loaded.

Lance Thomas is one of the best players in the camp. The athletic, 6-7 forward from New Jersey is prominently listing the Wildcats and says that leaving the East Coast won't be a problem. He looks like he will be a very big wing, but could play in the post if he bulks up.

Alex Stephenson received a written offer from the Wildcats on Friday and loves the program. He holds Lute Olson in high esteem. The big man has added a lot of muscle since working with a new strength coach and his potential is amazing.

Christian Polk has a ton of athleticism, but he relies too much on his wicked crossover. One concern could be that he comes dangerously close to carrying the ball on the move and many college refs would probably whistle him for it. Despite that slight criticism, it is clear why people like him so much.

Eugene Crockett feels like an old man, but he's only a sophomore. He's been on the recruiting scene since seventh grade and is starting to generate a buzz. He's build like Michael Wright and has a fantastic mix of strength and ability. The Cats have not been showing a lot of love, be he indicated he would be very open to their attention. He's friendly with Mike Bibby and claims Hassan Adams and Nic Wise as friends.

Matt Shaw wants to leave the West Coast and speaks a lot about SEC and ACC schools. He did admit that Tucson might be far enough away from home and he would consider the Wildcats if they offered.

Nic Wise continues to impress us with his quickness. He seems more concerned with getting is teammates involved than scoring, but he has a decent outside shot and gets to the rim, despite being under 6-0.

This was Linzy Robert's first real recruiting event, but the big man looks like he could become someone to pay attention to.

Wing Josh Guillory is not really concerning himself too much with recruiting, but may need to soon. He's showing a ton of talent and will be a top player on the West Coast in 2006. Expect to hear a lot more from him the next few years.

It's early, but James Cawthorne could be a kid to watch. He has nice height and is very mobile. He can shoot the ball, but will probably need to grow a bit to become a big time recruit.

Xavier Crawford is a 6-10 forward from Minnesota and he looks to be an elite guy in the class. Very tall, very talented. This was the first time we had seen him and he could be great.

Phoenix's David Schneider has some skills. He's a good shooter and hustles. He is probably a mid-major guy, but he has potential.

Jervaughn Johnson compares himself to Larry Johnson and you can see why. He has a similar build and style as "Granma-ma". He loves the Wildcats and claims that they are showing him some early attention.

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