Williams' plan may exclude Cats

Terrence Williams knows when he wants to make a decision. While he is still lining up visits, Williams has a game plan about pulling the trigger. Unfortunately for Wildcat fans, his plans may exclude Arizona.

Terrence Williams is the 6-6 guard from Seattle who is one of the more intriguing prospects in the class. Big, strong, yet athletic, Williams has as much upside as anyone in the class.

Williams has a visit set for Louisville and is working on lining up summer visits to the other schools on his list. As soon as he takes his visits he wants to decide.

"I can't wait until the fall," said an adamant Williams.

The Wildcats have just one visit left until school starts in the falls and they have stated they want to bring in the rest of the 2005 recruits then.

This does not suit Williams' plan.

"I'm not waiting until the fall," he reiterated.

So what does this mean for the Wildcats?

"I don't know what this means for them," Williams said of his one-time favorites.

He did state that this would not necessarily exclude Arizona, but that it does make things more complicated.

In the past he said he slightly favored the Wildcats, but that has changed as many other big name programs have gotten in the picture.

"I don't have a favorite right now," Williams insists. "All of the schools are doing a good job recruiting me."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: The Cats like Williams a lot, but they won't bring him in until the fall. They seem prepared to let him walk if he insists on making the early pledge. If he does bypass the Wildcats to make the early commitment, expect them to direct all of their attention to Chris Douglas-Roberts or any other new point guards they discover along the way.

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