Youth on display in L.A.

While there were certainly a number of big-time juniors at the Pangos All-American Camp, it is the young players who really make it a great event. There were a number of great young players, as well as some good sleepers playing in the "Top-44" game. We'll take a look at some of the best players in the game.


Jonathan Gibson, PG, West Covina (HS), CA
We weren't real familiar with Gibson before the All-Star game. He sure impressed us pretty quickly. He made his first three three-pointers and finished with 18. Just how he projects in college is tough to call. He is a shooting guard in an undersized PG's body. Some mid-sized program could get a gem.

Matt Shaw, PF, Santa Ana (Verbum Dei), CA
When Shaw is on he's fun to watch. He struggles a bit with consistency, but it is clear why he is one of the better 2006 big man prospects on the West Coast. He has said he'd like to play college ball on the East Coast, but did mention that Tucson may be far enough from Los Angeles to consider.

Javaris Crittenton, wing, SW Atlanta Christian
Crittenton scored 13 to lead his team to the win. Expect the 2006 prospect to be a big-time name a year from now. He'll proudly continue the tradition of the powerhouse Atlanta Celtics travel team.

Jervaughn Johnson, PF, Compton (Centenial), CA
A 2006 power forward that could use some more height if he's to be a big name recruit. He's in the 6-5 range, but he's very strong. Has nice skills both inside and out, but may not be athletic enough to be an elite guy. He scored 10 in the All-Star game and likes the Wildcats a lot.


David Schneider, CG, Phoenix (Brophy Prep), AZ
In an earlier report we called Schneider a mid-major prospect, but we may have short changed him a little bit. He plays like the prototypical "coach's son" and for good reason, his dad is indeed a coach. He's sort of cut from the Travis Diener mold in that he is solid fundamentally, has a consistent outside shot and is deceptively athletic. Other Arizona players get a lot of the publicity, but he'll be one of the better players in the state next year.

Xavier Crawford, C, Richfield, MN
Crawford is tall, but very, very thin. He struggled with consistency, but has a lot of ability. He's not a big name now, but if he keeps improving he will be. He loves Kansas, but only time will tell if it mutual.

Josh Tarver, SG, Portland (Jesuit), OR
A lot of upside for this 2005 prospect. The brother of Shon Tarver will likely be playing in the Pac-10 someday. He is a little raw, but can score and has great athleticism.

Kierre Jordan, PG, Dunwoody, GA
Another undersized but very talented player. Look for him more next year.

James Cawthorne, PF, Villa Park, CA
Cawthorne is a 2006 PF who could be a player to watch if he continues to grow. He's skilled and can shoot, but does not have great athleticism. At 6-8 he either needs to get quicker or taller.

Bradley Wannamaker, Wing, Philadelphia (Catholic), PA
Only a freshman, Wannamaker shows signs of being a good one. Right now he loves Duke, but it is a long way to 2007.

Jesse Woodard, PG, Compton (Centenial), CA
Another impressive 2007 prospect. Woodard is strong and can score. He reminds us a little of Illinois Deron Williams.

Anthony Goods, PG, Corona (Centenial), HS
Goods played as well as we had seen him this weekend. He is a very solid point guard and will make one of his many pursuers pretty happy. Not an elite prospect, but a solid player. He's a pretty good scorer and a decent floor general.

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