Tonemacher starting to generate interest

Ryan Tonemacher does not look like your normal offensive line recruit. The Chandler-Hamilton standout is muscled, but lean. When most high school linemen are looking to shed baby fat, Tonemacher is looking to get bigger. While he lacks bulk, he does not lack strength or skill.

Tonemacher was one of the best linemen at Arizona Big Man Challenge this past weekend. He earned all-star honors and was clearly one of the best blockers in the camp.

He pretty much dominated the competition that he faced in the camp. He was stronger than most of his opposition, but when he did face a bigger opponent, he used his quickness and great technique to gain the upper hand. It was a common site to hear Arizona line coach Eric Wolford yelling "that's it Tonemacher!"

Right now a number of teams are recruiting him, but he expects to garner more interest as he begins his senior season. He has camped with UCLA and participated in ASU's big man camp, as well as this past weekend's visit to Tucson.

"I've gotten offers from Oregon, the Ducks and Wyoming," Tonemacher said. "I have gotten phone calls from just about every Pac-10 school except USC."

He's been hearing from the Arizona coaches, but they have not made a big push. After a positive weekend on campus, the tough lineman is certainly receptive to the Wildcats' advances.

"I would consider Arizona definitely," said Tonemacher, who would also like ASU to get more involved.

With his lack of height Tonemacher will have to play guard or center. He's only played guard at the UA camp, but works on both spots with his team.

"I'm an inside guy definitely," he admitted. "I don't have the height to play tackle. I've been working a little of both guard and center in practice just to get used to the inside." The Huskies won the 5-A title last season in an overtime thriller that has been billed as one of the greatest high school football games in the history of the state. Hamilton in loaded again and should be one of Arizona's best football teams.

"We have a lot of great people, especially on offense," said Tonemacher. "We're looking to repeat."

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