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Chris Douglas-Roberts is one of the fastest rising players in the 2005 recruiting class. A few months ago he was considered a pretty good prospect, now he is elite. A number of teams are trying to get involved including a lot of the biggest names in college basketball.

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"Right now my list is really long," says 6-foot-5 Detroit standout Chris Douglas-Roberts. "I mean I'm looking at Miami, Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Michigan, Illinois, Oklahoma, Oregon, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Marquette, North Carolina, and Duke."

And those are just the programs he can remember getting interest from. It's not surprising when you consider that Douglas-Roberts has seen his stock soar after a strong spring performance that vaulted him into the #2 rated point guard in the country and the #15 slot overall.

He's a strength program away from separating himself even further from field," says's Dave Telep. "He wants to play the point in college, and while there are some detractors, count me among the believers."

At 6-foot-5, Douglas-Roberts is the starting point guard for Cass Technical High in Michigan where he puts up a robust 32.0 point per game average, however that's more out of necessity than anything else according to the rising star.

"I can score when I have to, but I really don't like to shoot the ball. I love to pass the ball, though. But when my team needs it, I can deliver points. But my first love is making my teammates better."

And while he's got a long list of schools forming around the block in hopes of trying to earn a legitimate shot at him, Chris says he's already beginning to concentrate on those schools who are "serious" about him.

"Some schools will read about you and start sending stuff, but I know some of them are really serious with me. Right now I'm seriously looking at Miami, Arizona, Duke, Florida, Illinois, and North Carolina. I'm going to research them more so that I can get a feel for them. Then I'll look at visits and things like that."

Though the rumor mill has him looking for early playing time, Douglas-Roberts says he's open to competition at the next level. And though the Blue Devils were not interested a few months back, Coach Krzyzewski and company have made their interest well known at this point.

"I was surprised at just how interested they are in me, but they have really been calling my coach a lot. I know that they are serious about me."

And does that mean he could become serious about Duke when it comes time to narrow his list?

"I mean I've got to put Duke near the top of my list, how can you not? I know they've got Greg Paulus committed, but that's not a big deal. I don't know too much about them, but they had Jason Williams and Chris Duhon, and they did fine together, so it could work out if I ended up going in that direction. It's something to think about."

Still there are no expectations when it comes to a decision from this talented scoring guard. In fact he's not even sure when he'll move forward with the process at this point. Rather, he's just interested in working on and improving his overall game.

"Most people rank me around the top 15 or 20, but that's not good enough for me. I want to prove I'm at least a top 10 talent. So I'm working hard each day. I need to get stronger and add weight, and I need to add range on my jump shot, but I'm getting there."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Supposedly the Arizona coaches love Douglas-Roberts. With Terrence Williams supposedly leaning towards other school, Douglas-Roberts now becomes a huge priority. Although he's wide open, the Cats appear to be in good shape with the big time guard.

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