Iguodala to Philadelphia

One AI will join another. The Philadelphia 76ers drafted former Wildcat Andre Iguodala in the first round of the 2004 NBA Draft. He joins guard Allen Iverson in the City of Brotherly Love.

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"My job is to come in and help AI do anything that needs to be done," Iguodala told ESPN shortly after being drafted.

Iguodala slipped a bit in the draft. Many Draft analysts pegged Iguodala to go No. 3 to the Bulls and no lower than No. 7 overall. He instead went 9th overall.

He'll go to a Philadelphia team that is led by Iverson, one of the better scorers in the league. Iverson takes more than his fair share of shots, but that does not concern the pass-happy Iguodala.

"I think my style of play is to get everyone involved," Iguodala said. "We had great scorers at Arizona."

"The Sixers are very happy to end up with Iguodala," Chad Ford wrote on ESPN.com. "After Luol Deng, Iguodala was the second-highest swingman on their board. The great thing about Iguodala is that he doesn't need to shoot 20 times a night to be effective. That's important to any team that has Allen Iverson on it. I think Iguodala is a steal here. We had him ranked No. 4 on our big board." Iguodala becomes the 24th player from Arizona drafted since the Lottery was instituted in 1989. He was also the first player in school history to lead the team in rebounds, assists and steals.

Iguodala did not have a one-on-one workout with the 76ers. In fact the 76ers were long rumored to prefer Kirk Snyder at the two-guard position, but instead chose the more versatile Iguodala. He seems to be a good fit for the 76ers, who lack bigger swing players, especially those with athleticism. Iguodala could also factor in at point guard, where Eric Snow has been running the snow.

"He can't shoot but he's so versatile," said draft analyst Chris Monter before the draft. "Some think he can even be a point guard."

Iguodala has long maintained that he can be an NBA point guard, but will likely play three positions on the next level.

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