Knee socks and wide smiles

My first trek out to the Tucson Summer Pro League was a fun one. Seeing some old faces and one new one was exciting.

In game one we saw Channing Frye playing opposite Mohamed Tangara. Frye's team won, but I can tell you we are going to love Mohamed. He's not at all afraid to bang with the big guys, he continually asks for the ball, and at the half he led all scorers and led with total rebounds. He doesn't come in with a Michael Wright body, but then most freshmen don't. He is in excellent shape, and he can run the court with Channing. I really like what I saw.

Next Cory Williams and Kevin Flanagan faced Chris Rodgers. It turned into the Williams and Rodgers show. Chris looked very, very good out there tonight. Corey looks to be more improved than when he played at the U. Playing in Belgium has done him some good.

At this point I'd like to mention that the women saw time on the court, and I believe a woman started for each team in all four games. On the court with Williams, Flanagan and Rodgers was another familiar name to those of us who have followed Wildcat ball.....Dosty, Sybil Dosty that is. Sybil's dad played at Arizona and Sybil will be playing for Tennessee when hoops season opens this fall.

When Miles Simon and Daniel Dillon stepped on the court for warm ups before game three, there was little difference in their size. Miles may be a little heavier, but certainly not much. They made a GREAT backcourt. I can't tell you how impressed I was with Dillon. He hustles, and I believe that like Tangara, we'll all love this kid's game. He plays very hard at both ends of the court.

Of course, Simon was Simon! They played a team that had Herman Harris, son of 'Herm the Germ'. Also on that team we saw Matt Brase and Jason Stewart. Both of these guys had good games. Someone yelled to Jason, "How many team fouls do they have." Jason yelled back, "Not enough." We thought that it would be a blowout by Miles' team but it was close until the end.

Game four featured Beau Muhlback and Miles also played on this team. Beau had the game of his life. Like the scrimmages lastyear, he couldn't miss a shot. I hope that, unlike last year, it carries over to the season. They played against none other than Jason Terry.

Jason showed up but didn't look like he planned to play. At the last minute he got a shirt...#31...and was introduced. The crowd went wild, he gave high fives to his team and then he ran down the front row giving us all high fives. Needless to say, my evening from that point on went from a great to spectacular! We were reminded that he is the only player in Pac-10 history to log the most points, steals and assists in one season.

Jason drained some beautiful NBA 3's, had some razzle dazzle dribbling, and seemed to be having the time of his life. He had those famous knee socks on.

At one point Reggie Geary, his wife and little baby came into the gym. Reggie was intorduced and received a very warm welcome from the crowd. He carried his little one out on the court, and I really thought we'd see him play as his team did play tonight. I guess I'll just have to go back again another night to catch my favorite all time defender.

Anyone who enjoys hoops and has the time should get on down to the JCC. There won't be games next Sunday because it's 4th of July. However, the following Sunday there will again be four games, and they are well worth the wait to get in.

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