Los Alamitos players again interested in UA

Los Alamitos has been a pretty good school in terms of developing D-I talent. Last season the Wildcats signed two players from the school and they have already offered a number of other players from the school, including a 2006 standout.

Defensive lineman Conan Amituanai already has an offer from the Wildcats. Of course he has an in, he's related to defensive line coach Mike Tuiasasopo.

The talented defensive lineman not only has the offer, but he's been to campus. Amituanai attended the Wildcats' one-day camp and came away impressed.

"The camp was cool, the colleges and everything was cool," Amituanai said. "Pretty much the whole university was interesting because they made everything sound good. It's just a good experience for me."

Arizona signed Los Alamitos grads Daniel Espinoza and Antoine Cason for this season, and hosted current teammate Orlando Scandrick at the camp. Amituanai seemed quite pleased with this and hinted at a brighter future.

"Hopefully I'll just spread the work and they'll come out," Amituanai said.

That statement almost made it sound like he was ready to commit, or at the very least he favored the Wildcats. The junior-to-be would not go so far as to say the Cats were a clear favorite but did say that, "so far so good." He was a standout at the camp, hanging with, and even outplaying older players. He has a nice mix of size and speed and should only improve both skills as he matures.

Receiver Orlando Scandrick was also at the camp. Scandrick is an interesting receiver prospect, but at this time he does not have an offer from the Cats. Nevada and Wyoming have sent him written offers, while ASU has said one could come at some point.

He enjoyed his visit to Tucson and says the Cats are ‘definitely' in his top five. "My top five are Arizona State, I have to go with USC, it's the home school, Washington State, Arizona and San Diego State."

The Arizona coaches have been up front with him throughout the process. They remain interested but have truthfully told Scandrick that as of now they favor other players.

"They say there are a lot of guys, so we'll just have to wait it out," Scandrick confessed.

Arizona has offered Los Alamitos receiver Jeremy Childs, but they have some work to do to make up ground in the talented pass catcher. Last month he touted UCLA as his favorite and has done noting to dissuade that.

Running back Cortes Rice does not have a UA offer, but the Cats are in good shape with the big back.

"UCLA is my leader right now, then its Arizona, Oregon and Notre Dame. Washington and Colorado are two other schools I'm looking at, but my top four is pretty strong," said Rice.

OL Mike Aguayo also likes the Wildcats. He is a bit on the lean side, but has some nice upside.

QB Jimmy Barnes is also a legit D-I prospect, but has no interest in the Wildcats.

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