ABCD: Scouting Lance Thomas

Our roaming hoops scout is in attendance at ABCD. On Friday he had a chance to scout one of Duke's top targets, Lance Thomas.

The Devils Den's John Watson gives us the first part of the report:

Lance Thomas:

Thus far, Thomas has been solid, but not spectacular. Listed at 6'8", 200 lbs, Thomas is very agile and runs the floor beautifully. He loves to get out and run in transition. Right now, he's more of a 4/3 than a 3/4. He's active down low and springs off the floor very quickly. He finishes well around the basket, though with some added weight he'd be even more difficult to defend on the low blocks.

Thomas got to the free throw line quite often which speaks volumes for his aggressiveness. He was one of the most active players at the camp through the first two days. Through 4 games, he's averaging 7.8 points on 37.5% shooting. His outside shot is not a very fluid one, but his outside game is something that he is working on to compliment his inside game.

Defensively, Thomas has very active hands and he contests everything. While defending the post against bigger players, Thomas gets into a nice wide stance and holds his own.

By all accounts, Thomas is a hard worker and a very good student, so it's no wonder Duke is interested. His development over the next couple of years will be very interesting and crucial. Currently, I wouldn't really describe him as a post player or a perimeter player. He does a little of both.

I'd like to see him really embrace one of those two roles, and then work to be competent at the other. Currently, he's not outstanding either inside or outside, but because he is so young, there's definitely reason to believe that he will eventually develop into an elite player.

New Jersey Insider's Mike Sullivan had this to add after speaking with Thomas:

Thomas flashed a big smile when asked about Derrick Caracter's desire to play with him on the college level.

"It would be great to play with Derrick in college," he said. "We have discussed it before but not a lot lately since we have been both busy in the spring and summer."

Caracter told the Insiders Report two days ago the Reebok ABCD camp in Teaneck, New Jersey that he wants to play college basketball with Thomas. "We have been playing ball together since we were in the fifth grade," Thomas said. "We enjoy playing basketball together."

Thomas stated he is very interested in Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, Stanford, Maryland, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Kansas, Arizona and St. Joe's. Thomas has already been on the campus of Duke when he competed at the Bob Gibbons tournament.

"It's early in my recruiting," said Thomas, a 2006 class member. "I am just having fun here at the camp. I can worry about the recruiting later on. I want to work on some things. I want to be able to be a wing player by the time I get to college."

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