Wildcat prospects at Peach Jam

Wildcat coaches are out in force at the Peach Jam and for good reason, most of their top recruiting targets are in action. Rodney Tention, Lute Olson and Josh Pastner are all out at the event.

Martell Webster did not play on Thursday. It looks like the ankle is bothering him again. In retrospect he should not have played at Nike where he reportedly weighed in at 236 pounds. The extra weight is hindering him, but he isn't fat. Webster has a frame that can carry more size, but he's a better player when he is lighter.

News that he is waiting until the spring is causing mixed reactions among recruiting observers. Some feel it will really hurt his chances at landing in Tucson, while others say it is the courteous thing to do as he explores his NBA chances. One thing is for sure, he won't be an Ndudi Ebi.

C.J. Miles has played well. Some are a bit concerned that he doesn't always put up huge numbers, but coaches are looking more at his skills than his stat line.

Jon Brockman may be the best player at the camp. He never takes a minute off and works his tail off. The few players who are actually more talented lack his desire to do the dirty work. Apparently both Duke and Carolina are starting to make a big push.

Another Washington big man is really turning heads. Seattle's Spencer Haewes has been great. He played very well in front of the Wildcat staff and it would be a shocker if he isn't a major target for the Wildcats. The kid is just so freaking talented that it would be a shocker if the Wildcat coaches didn't love what they saw.

One recruiting analysts said that he is by far an away more advanced offensively than Channing Frye was at that stage. Maybe the only fear is if he considers the NBA like most top flight high school big men do.

Nic Wise has been a pleasant surprise. He has shot the ball great. He routinely knocked down the open jumper, but doesn't really create his own shot. He is starting to draw comparisons to Jason Gardner. Both are undersized, but can do a lot of things. Gardner was much better offensively at this stage, but Wise is probably the better passer. One thing that remains to be seen if he has Gardner's desire to win. Wildcat coaches would love to find another player with his competitiveness and almost need to win.

One thing Wise doesn't have is size. He won't get much bigger and he isn't particularly long, but he has a great handle and sees the ball well. There is no doubt he is a good little player and the best news is that he still has some time to keep developing.

Chris Douglas-Roberts has played well. There is no wonder so many teams are trying to land him.

Marcus Williams is playing in Portland and it is believed that Rodney Tention will be flying out to the West Coast to take another look at the Seattle (Roosevelt) star.

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