Camp spotlight on Jerryd Bayless

In our first recruiting spotlight we take a closer look at the game of 2007 super stud Jerryd Bayless. The Phoenix point guard is getting a lot of love and hype. He certainly has the talent, but just what kind of player is he?

We'll give you a close look at one individual game to see exactly what kind of player he is. Below is a shot chart with exactly what kind of shot he took on each attempt


Stat line:
PTS: 18
REB: 2
FG: 7-17
3PT: 0-2
FT: 2-4

1st half:

*1. Transition dunk. 2. Transition lay-in.
3. Slash to the hoop from wing, lay-in. 4. Slam dunk of lob from C. Polk.
5. Misses mid-range jumper (air ball) 6. Missed three pointer from corner.
7. Missed runner (headband slipped over his eyes). 8. Slam dunk off back door cut.
9. Missed 15-foot pull-up jumper.

2nd half:

10. Missed shot, drives baseline (shot blocked). 11. Missed lay-in.
12. Missed dunk off of lob pass. 13. Missed lay-in.
14. Missed 12-foot pull-up jumper.
15. Steal and break away dunk. 16. Missed three pointer.
17. Steal and transition dunk.

Aggressiveness on defense.
Explosive, great hops.
Can play with and without the ball.

Was not nearly as effective without Christian Polk on the floor.
Looked to shoot first, pass second.
Jumper was not falling.

Made his first four shots of the game.
Missed a shot when his headband slipped over his eyes. He removed the headband to start the second half.
Has great explosiveness and has good hops.
Team never pulled away, but had the game in hand. Never got to see if he could take over a game.
Can create his own shot.
Early list includes: North Carolina, Arizona and UCLA. Says he won't make an early decision.

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