Big man is wide open

At last year's Nike Camp we saw a young big man that really impressed us. He was very reminiscent of Channing Frye. When we spoke with him two weeks later in Las Vegas he listed the Wildcats prominently, but it was obvious he was a little naïve about the recruiting process. A few months later he committed to Florida State and it looked like the Wildcats had lost out on this underrated gem. Now, a year after we first saw him, Magnum Rolle is back on the market.

Magnum Rolle de-committed from Florida State about a month ago and is now faced with a ton of suitors. A lot of teams had not yet discovered the 6-10 big man back then, but now they are starting to learn just how good he is.

Rolle is very similar to Frye, the Wildcats' center. He his long, lean and athletic. He can run the floor and has a nice touch on his shot. He is Bahamian and has not played basketball very long, so he is still a bit raw, but he possesses great upside.

Many were surprised when he committed to the Seminoles so early in the process and in hindsight he and his high school coach Darrell Sears realized that it was a mistake. Now he is back on the market and trying to soak up as much as he can.

"He wanted to look at all his options," Sears said of the de-commitment. "He wasn't recruited very much and he didn't fully understand the process. He wants to reevaluate the whole process. He is inexperience with all of this, to be honest we both are."

Sears insists that Rolle is wide open. When asked for a list of schools he rattled off Memphis, Arizona, LSU, Kentucky, USC, South Florida, UCLA, Illinois and "a few others".

"At this stage Memphis, LSU and Arizona are his favorites," Sears said. "Possibly USC, maybe South Carolina. It is very early in the process and that could change."

Rolle said just a few weeks ago that Florida State was still in the picture, but it doesn't sound great for them.

"I still like the program but I never got the chance to be fully recruited," he explained.

Sears and Rolle plan on taking a number of unofficial visits as well as his official visits. The pair want to really explore the whole recruiting process and find the best school for Magnum.

"We want to take a bunch of unofficials since I believe you can take as many unofficials as you like," Sears continued. "After that we might not need to take all five." They'd like to make the unofficials in September, but have not decided whether to sign in November or wait until the spring signing period.

From all accounts Rolle is playing very well in Orlando this weekend. We have been told that UA assistant Josh Pastner has been front and center at every game. We have also been told that Rolle has a firm scholarship offer from the Wildcats.

Pastner was one of the first coaches to get in on Rolle prior to last summer's Nike Camp. A year ago Rolle told that Arizona was the only high-major school that he knew for sure was recruiting him.

Rolle is good, but he is still very raw. He may not be an instant impact guy, but many said the same thing about Channing Frye and he started the majority of the games for the Wildcats his freshman season.

As it stands Rolle is on the market and wide open. Making a prediction would be tough, but it sounds as if Arizona could be in it until the end. Expect a wild ride on this one.

"We don't know what's going to happen," Sears finished.

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