Texan all but committed

The Wildcats need some help on the defensive line. Arizona has a lot of unproven youth, but depth is a bit of a concern. Thanks to the commitment of a wide out and a defensive back, the Wildcats may land another commitment before the start of the regular season.

DeSoto (Tx) OL/DL Donald Horton (6-1, 250, 4.7) gives Arizona (offer) a 95 percent chance for his commitment over Missouri, Texas Tech (offer), Colorado (offer) and Washington St. He has not made any visits or attended any camps, but plans to make an official visit to Arizona on Aug 28.

"If I like Arizona in Aug, then I'll probable commit. If not then I'll take more visits," said Horton. "They'd have to be doing something really bad for me not to go there, like they'd have to be lying to me or something (laughs a little). They'd have to have like 100 other DE's plus me…or something.

"I met coaches Mark Stoops and Mike Stoops and I really like the way they talk. When football is over I'm usually happy it's over, I'm glad to get away from it. But when I talk to them they make me want to be playing. They make me all anxious cause they're always so excited about it and it makes me excited. My coach right now is nothing like that.

"I also like how the coaches came from good schools. Like, Mike Stoops came from the Oklahoma Sooners and Mark Stoops came from the Miami Hurricanes.

"I like how Arizona is in a rebuilding phase. I'm looking to play my freshman year. I'm not trying to wait until my junior or senior year.

"Two of my friends (Michael Thomas and Cory Hall) are already committed to Arizona and they're kind of hoping I come. They told me they like it there and that it's not as hot as people always say it is.

"The biggest thing that sets Arizona apart from Missouri is the academics. Missouri isn't as known for Criminal Justice or Psychology; Arizona is. That really put them behind. So really Missouri kind of brought it upon themselves (laughs again).

"Actually, for a while Missouri was looking better. They only had three DEs with solid spots so I thought that maybe I could play early. But then I found out they don't have what I want with academics, and academics are really important to me.

"I have a lot of heart. I think I have a little more heart than most d-line players. I really push through…even when I'm tired. One thing I need to work on is I need to get mean, people always say I'm too nice."

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