Hassan Adams Q&A

Wildcat players Hassan Adams and Mustafa Shakur are representing Team USA as part of the Under-21 Team competing at the Tournament of the Americas. Adams scored 15 points and had five steals in his first game for Team USA. Adams is excited about the experience.

Ryan Radtke: Can you use this experience going into next year?

Hassan Adams: "Most definitely. When we win the gold, we'll come back with a lot of confidence."

RR: It must be nice having teammate Mustafa Shakur there with you?

HA: "That's great. I am happy that Mustafa is down here just so that we can gel together, get some extra time playing together. Next year we'll be more used to each other."

RR: Last year you played the four spot, mainly to help the team. I assume you are playing a lot more on the wing there.

HA: "I am playing all on the wing. It's good for me, just to work on my outside game. This has been perfect for me. I've been working all summer on my shooting and ball handling. Out here I'm trying to win just like it was the regular season. I'm just a basketball player and I'm doing it for the team. It doesn't mater where I play as long as I am out on the floor representing my country, trying to get us a ‘W'."

RR: Was it frustrating playing the four last year when maybe your skills could have been utilized better out on the wing?

HA: "Not really, I never thought like that. I never thought negative about it. I always put my situation in a positive light because I knew it would work out for me in the long run. I never thought about it as bad or as a negative situation for me. I took it for what it was worth. I just went out there and played. I never regretted playing the four. It just made me mentally and physically stronger. It told me I could play with whoever."

RR: Who's impressed you on this team? Who's a guy who can do some things maybe you didn't know he could do?

HA: "Sean May, PJ Tucker, them two plus Chris Paul and Justin (Gray). Justin Gray can shoot it. Playing with him you're like ‘man he can shoot it well'. Bracey Wright of Indiana, he can shoot from wherever. Everyone is impressive because I haven't seen them in so long. Everybody got better."

RR: Is there anyone you have seen take a leadership role with this club yet?

HA: "Basically our point guards. Out point guards like Chris Paul and Mustafa. They have become our leaders on the floor because the ball is in their hands. They are the conductors and we are following them. Them two have been doing their job as the leaders on the floor. "

RR: What is the level of competition like?

HA: "The competition level is high out here. All of the teams are trying to go at us because we are the US. No mater who we play we need to bring it. The competition level is real high out here. Basically we are playing against the crowd. It's a road game every game. It's going to be a good experience."

RR: Now, you are wearing No. 9. That was Michael Jordan's Olympic number I believe.

HA: "That's right, it was M.J.'s. "

RR: How'd you swing that one?

HA: "I don't know."

Ryan Radtke is the host of the aptly titled ‘Ryan Radtke Show', which can be heard 12-3 daily on Fox Sports 1290 in Tucson. He is also a member of the Wildcat broadcast team and the color analyst for the Tucson Sidewinders. He is a frequent contributor to Cat Tracks Magazine and cattracks.net.

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