Jordan Lowe interview

Jordan Lowe is the latest player to commit to Mike Stoops' program. The big offensive lineman has worked hard to make himself a great player and that paid off with a scholarship offer. It paid off and now he's a Wildcat.

"I'm feeling great," Lowe said.

Lowe just got a scholarship offer, but has been thinking about the Wildcats for quite some time.

"I thought a lot about it and knew I wanted to stay in-state," Lowe said. "I met the coaches at ASU and UofA and I like the UofA coaches more."

He was an all-region and honorable mention all-state honoree last season, but was not happy. He felt he was out of shape and could do a lot to raise his stock. Despite being one of the best linemen in the state, Lowe dedicated himself to working hard. He shed 45 pounds of bad weight and is a totally different player now.

Even with a bit of a hamstring injury, Lowe and his new physique impressed at the Wildcats' one-day camp. He wasn't able to test or go through all the drills, but he was able to do enough to warrant a scholarship offer.

"It has to have helped," Lowe said of his performance at the camp. "I did real good. I must have impressed them."

Lowe may have worked hard to lose weight, but he can actually add more muscle. He's up to 300 pounds now, but has a frame that can support more ‘good' bulk. He fits the mold of athletic, tall linemen who can get bigger and stronger when they get to town.

""I just lost the weight to get quicker," he explained. "I've added a little more weight since the camp. I'm up to 295, 300 but the weight is all from working out. It is a good weight."

One thing you notice about Lowe is his mean streak. A personable player off the field, Lowe is completely different on the gridiron. He will get as rough and tough as he needs to in the trenches.

"You can't play offensive line or defensive line without a mean streak," Lowe admitted. "When I get on the field the world changes."

His Centennial High team in Peoria is one of the better programs in the state. They have a few D-I prospects, including top running back prospect Terry Longbons. The core group of the team have been friends since elementary school, so the bond is tight.

Needless to say, Lowe is now pitching the Wildcats to all that will listen, including the state's top runner.

"I'm trying to get Terry down there," Lowe confessed. "He really likes the UofA, but still like ASU too. I'm trying to talk him into it."

One advantage for Lowe in this whole process is the fact that a former teammate went through it. Lowe played with Stanford's Mikal Brewer two seasons ago and thinks of the big offensive lineman as a sort of mentor.

"He had a big affect on me and how I play," Lowe said of Brewer.

We concluded the interview by asking Lowe if there was anything interesting that fans may want to know about him. "I play the drums," Lowe informed.

Wildcat fans hope that a year from now he'll be pounding on opposing defenses as well as his drum set.

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