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Arizona coaches have done a fantastic job in recruiting after signing day. They added a number of players after February that addressed specific needs. The last of these players was Pima College's Aaron Butler, a local product who will help add depth to the receiving corps, especially now that Biren Ealy will miss some time

Question: It's been a long road to Arizona. You went to Pima, then signed with Boise State. Now you are here. Kind of crazy, huh?

Aaron Butler: "I guess hard work pays off. I've been wanting to go here since high school. That didn't work out so I went to Pima. It kind of didn't work out, but UofA came in the end. One of my dreams is met. I still have more dreams to accomplish, but one of my goals is met."

You originally signed with Boise State. How were you able to come to Arizona?

Butler: "I only signed financial aid papers. I thought if I was going to come here I would have to sit out a year and I did not want to sit out a year. They said I didn't need to sit out a year, I could just automatically come through."

So you didn't sign a Letter of Intent?

Butler: "It was just financial aid papers, not a Letter of Intent. I guess it was just financial aid and scholarship players."

You've been looking at Arizona since you played at Catalina High School. How disappointing was it to have to go the JC route?

Butler: "I was disappointed at first but I just looked at it like nothing in life comes easy. I just stuck with it. There have been times when I didn't want to play football, but I stuck with it if I really wanted to reach my goals. Coming to the UofA is one of my biggest goals."

How was it at Pima?

Butler: "Pima was a great learning experience. I'm not going to knock Pima down or anything because they taught me a lot over there. I'm not going to encourage any player to not go to a D-I and go to a JC, but if you have to go to a JC then take it. It is a good learning experience. You get a lot of the classes you got to take and just get them done. It keeps your head on straight."

When did Arizona get involved?

Butler: "They wanted me to play another year at Pima. I've been off and on with the UofA ever since high school. This past December is when they were really looking at me. They wanted me, but they wanted me to get my AA. I have three for three here. I'm just a sophomore."

Do you think you can come in and make an impact?

Butler: "I'll let the coaches judge that. I'm not going to come here, or go anywhere, just to waste my time. I'm going to come here and reach my goals no matter what it takes. If I see the field, then my goals are met. If I don't I have a lot of work to do."

What kind of numbers did you put up last season?

Butler: "I didn't put up too much. They just mainly used me as a decoy because of my speed. When I did finally get the ball I had an 81-yard touchdown on one grab. It was mainly a learning experience."

Who else was recruiting you?

Butler: "I was getting looked at by Boise. Cal was really looking at me. Marshall was really interested in me. Middle Tennessee, I took a visit to Middle Tennessee. LSU was talking to me on and off, but they were waiting for me to get through another season. I just wanted to get out now. I felt I was good enough and I am confident enough to play anywhere right now."

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