Stoops reporting day quotes

Another milestone in the Mike Stoops era has passed. On Sunday the entire team reported for fall camp in preparation for the first season under the new head coach. Coach Stoops took a few moments to step away from the players to address the media in front of the football offices.

Initial statement:

Stoops: "I'm just excited to see everyone, to get everyone back together. I feel like we can get back out there and do some coaching. It is an exciting time. For everybody who loves college football I think this is the best time of year. Everyone has a lot of hope and high expectations and we certainly do as well. We're excited to get back together as a team and get to work."

Can you give us a preview of the message you'll deliver during the first team meeting?

Stoops: "I'm proud of what they have done up to this point. We're a much better football team that we were when we broke from spring ball, just by what they been able to accomplish through their efforts in the summer. We're going to have a chance to compete because of what they have done and al the hard work they have put in throughout the summer. I hope it is a confident and determined football team when we start."

Do you expect players to ratchet up the intensity in an effort to climb the depth chart and win a spot?

Stoops: "Everybody will earn their way in this football team. They are going to do things right, be accountable and learn how to play football the right way. When we get a few weeks out we'll have a group that we feel solid about, but up until then we're going to let everyone compete still for positions and the best players are going to play."

There has been great participation over the summer and a lot of players are citing the coaches' motivation. What did the staff do to get these guys fired up?

Stoops: "Kids can do extraordinary things when they set their minds to it. We're as talented as a lot of teams that we are going to play. It's a mater of who works the hardest, who reaches the closest to their potential. My message was to give yourself an opportunity to compete and give yourself a chance to win. If you do these things a, b, c and d, then we'll have a chance to compete. We have a lot of work to do. We have a long way to go, but we feel great about where we are going."

With Biren (Ealy) out, are you looking to other receivers to step up?

Stoops: "We always thought we needed to have a good nucleus of receivers out there for what we want to do. We feel we have a talented group, so they'll do it by committee. Hopefully we'll have Biren back by Utah or Wisconsin."

How important is conditioning to the success of this team?

Stoops: "It means a great deal. If you are concentrating on conditioning of kids are coming in out of shape, then obviously it is very difficult to practice. Being in better shape makes us able to go out there and do things better. They are not in bad habits, it helps keep them healthy. You are just mentally stronger and tougher. All that contributes, hopefully to winning."

How important is competition in camp?

Stoops: "I think it is vital to any team's success. You have to have competition day in and day out. I think it pushes players to be better. It makes your team better when you have competition. It just takes time to get depth and competition."

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