Wright Moves Quickly With Visits

The summer of 2004 was very good to Julian Wright. With the ball in his hands, Wright led the Illinois Warriors to the championship at the prestigious Peach Jam. Now, he's turned his attention to picking a school and he's got his visits set up far in advance.

Julian Wright, the 6-foot-8 point forward out of Homewood-Flossmoor in Illinois, used the summer to announce to the country what we've been trying to tell you for months: he's a Top 10 player in this class.

"As a player I learned a lot," Wright said of his summer. "I wanted to prove that I could play on the perimeter and often found myself in the post. I'm a smarter player in terms of thinking and learning about certain situations and learning from them.

"I look at it as a confidence builder. I'm always optimistic but now I'm confident as well. I can take my game to a higher level. With the season coming up, I know I'll be back in the post and I wanted to make sure that people saw that I could play the wing."

Point taken.

Wright has proven to be one heckuva wing player. He can handle the basketball and has superior vision. Guys loving playing with him because he's a distributor and doesn't need to score to be successful.

"If need be, I can be a combo forward but I think that I know my potential strengths will be on the wing on the perimeter. It's good to be versatile at this level but once you get to a higher lever you have to go with your strengths and I think my strength will be on the wing."

Wright is down to a trio of school. He's looking at Illinois and DePaul in his home state and also Arizona. He'll visit Illinois the weekend of August 28th and then on consecutive weekends he'll trip to Arizona and finish up with the Blue Demons.

"I picked those three because I didn't want to go on a football weekend at Illinois. I didn't want all this extra stuff. I want to know what it's like as a student. I don't want that extra stuff, there will always be all that stuff."

Right now, Arizona holds the slightest of advantages and by no means do they have a stranglehold on him. "At one point, I thought they would all be equal. I wouldn't say there's a quiet leader. I would say Arizona [leads] at this point, but I haven't looked as far as I can at this point. My feelings right now is that they have a slight edge by a thin hair.

"I don't plan to commit until October. Since I know these are my three schools, I don't want to say I have a leader. I want to take the visits and observe. I want to take the visits, take them all and check out what they look like. I'm just observing right now and taking in everything."

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