Keoki Fraser Q&A

Keoki Fraser is a fifth year senior who has seen a lot. One of the many who has played for Dick Tomey and John Mackovic, now the center has a chance to play in the Mike Stoops era. Fraser has been a real leader in this transition and explains how things are going.

You are one guy that the new staff has pointed to as a real leader. I've heard that you have done a lot to build team unity as well as unity among the offensive line. What have you done to improve team morale?

"I think our unit has been hanging out a lot this summer. Whether it has been BBQ's or just hanging out on weekends or going to the movies or whatever. Me and the other seniors have been trying to organize everybody trying to get together. We've been working out in the mornings together. The main thing is I was trying to work my hardest to show the other guys just what it takes to get better and have a successful season."

Is this the closest the offensive line has been in your time here?

"Definitely since I've been here. We were all here every morning at 5:30 in the morning. Getting up early in the morning to go through these workouts has been a bonding experience. Can't wait to go to war with these guys. I feel like they are my brothers."

Your brother Keoni was on some Arizona teams that were very close. Has he taught you anything that has helped you keep this team together.

"Yes. I was here too with coach Tomey, so a lot of the principles he tried to instill in us I learned from him and my brother as well. Team and family are two of the most important things and that is what we are trying to build on."

You look like you are in great shape. How has the strength program been for you?

"It is awesome. I loved it. I love working out and everyone came in with a positive attitude and worked hard. It's good to see it pay off."

What's the best thing about having (sixth-year senior) Brandon Phillips on the team for another year?

"His leader ship and his talent. He's a talented player. He was a big pro prospect last year. To have him come back another year, with more experience will only make him better. It's great to have him back. I've been to war with him. I know he's going to put it on the line every week for us."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Fraser will be key to the offensive line this year. His leadership skills have been invaluable. He has really trimmed down, while adding noticeable size in his upper body. Don't be surprised if he doesn't have a great year.

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