Phillips believes the right staff is in place

Brandon Phillips gets one last chance at a bowl game. Phillips though his collegiate career was over when a knee injury ended his senior season. He was prepared to go on to the NFL, but was awarded a rare sixth year of eligibility.

Brandon addressed his unique situation with the media.

How healthy are you?

"Knee-wise I am good to go. I've been cleared for full contact and full go. There might be some stuff I ease into a little differently than others, but other than that it's ready to go."

Were you able to do everything this summer?

"This summer I did all the workouts. At the beginning of the summer I was held out of just a few of the drills and then as it got going I eased in, By the end I was doing everything."

You'll have to sit out the first three games because you signed with an agent before restoring your eligibility, how hard will that be?

"I haven't even thought about that much. It hasn't really set in yet. I know it will set in once game week rolls around. Once game week comes that is when I know I'll start to feel it. If all goes well and if you're healthy and you feel good and you're ready to play and then you can't. It's kind of similar to when you're a freshman redshirting or even when you are just trying to make the travel team."

Was it a fair compromise since you did get a year back?

"I did get that year back and I'm happy about that. We fought real hard just to get it back. In the grand scheme of things it is a fair decision. It's a fair compromise."

"You are now on your fourth head coach. How is coach Stoops different than the other coaches?

"I can say this, I do believe this is the staff that's going to turn it around and get it going."

Why do you believe that?"

"I guess because of the seriousness that surrounds it now. I don't know if it was the way he presented it or his previous success or a combination of all of the above, but he came in and got everyone around him to buy into what he was doing. To believe that he is going to get it done. In addition to getting that backing and that support, I think he has the capability to get it done. I think he is a little more proven. He comes from highly recognized success."

Did this staff have instant credibility when they came in?

"You can go down the line and look at the staff and you are like ‘wow". All of these people are people who are well pedigreed in the whole college football landscape. I think this coach, at this time, is going to stick around."

Did he talk about winning now for the seniors?

"I'm not in a three-year plan. His message is, and I think it is a good one, is that we are capable of winning. We are very capable of winning. We have enough talent on the team right now to win games. It is a mater of putting it all together and making it happen. I really think that this really is the one."

You've heard a lot of speeches from a lot of coaches. What was unique about what he had to say?"

"I've heard all the speeches. All of the motivationing ‘go get ems'. At some point you are able to see through some of it and understand a little bit more why we weren't successful in the past. When you see some of those things start to go that is when you know you are on the right track."

How important were the summer workouts?

"The biggest part of what I think will be the turnaround this year is that everybody came in and he got everyone to buy into what he was doing. Everybody was so supportive and he's capable of winning."

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