Two-a-days begin

The Wildcats began two-a-days with a wide variety of weather. The morning session was a muddy mess, while the evening session proved to be delightful weather. The big news is that one player has made a move, while another was missing.


Lamon Means was absent from the night time practice. Head coach Mike Stoops said that he was taking care of ‘family matters', but did not elaborate further. He went on to mention Means prominently when discussing the defensive backs with a local television station.

Nic Costa is no longer wearing a red quarterback's jersey. He claims that he is still going to play QB in a few spots, but that as of now he'll work at wide receiver, with future work at running back and kick returns coming later.

The coaches alternated QB's every other play in scrimmage situations. Kris Heavner got about 50% of the work, but Richard Kovalcheck took far more reps than normal. He and Ryan O'Hara took the remaining snaps, with O'Hara probably getting about 30% of the work.


Costa actually has really nice hands. He made a number of nice grabs, including one on a long bomb. He has to learn how to use his speed all the time.

You can tell he is not used to getting hit in practice. Darrell Brooks gave him a nice little shot when he came over the middle.

The coaches were very intense, especially during the morning practice. There was more yelling than we had seen previously.

The a.m. practice saw the team using a lot of different drills. One drill saw players practicing punt blocking by having the punters kick volleyballs.

Kris Heavner looked downfield more than at any time during the fall camp. He hit Steve Fleming on an out pattern that the tight end turned up field for a big gain. A few plays later Ryan Eidson reeled in a tough catch for a long gain.

Mike Bell had a long gain up the middle that caused the defensive coaches to have a fit.


Johnathan Turner is working with the second defense at defensive tackle.

The team was in full pads in the morning and shells in the evening.

The field was a muddy mess for the day's first practice.

Fleming made an amazing one-hand grab. While toeing the sideline, Fleming just stuck out his arm and grabbed a ball that looked like a sure incompletion.

During the evening session, Mark Stoops worked with the CB's, while Mike Stoops took the safeties.


"This one was much better," said Mike Canales comparing the Monday a.m. practice with the scrimmage.

"It's kind of exciting, actually," Nic Costa on playing multiple positions.

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