Big DT narrows his list

Alief Hastings DT Vince Oghobaase reminds a lot of folks from the Alief area of former Hastings (now University of Texas) DT standout Rodrique Wright. But VO isn't looking to the Forty Acres. Instead his plans include three other Big 12 South programs, plus teams in the ACC, SEC and PAC-10. We talk about who he's looking at specifically and who might make his top five... <P>

"I'm a lot closer to narrowing it down," Oghobaase said. "In fact, it could come in another week or two. But I can tell you this. My five official visits will go to the schools I unofficially visited over the summer."

The candidates for Oghobaase's top five will come from his final ten (in alphabetical order): Arizona, Duke, Florida, LSU, Miami, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Stanford and Texas A&M.

"Those are the schools I'm the most interested in," said the 6-6, 300-pound standout. "Those are the schools that recruited me the hardest and I will pick from that group."

Of course, with some teams evaluating into these kids' senior seasons, perhaps another program will throw their name in the hat...

"No, it's too late," Oghobaase said. "My five officials will be come from the schools I just gave you."

Next, the Bayou City baller will cut it to a lucky five. Those five will vie for a defensive tackle strong enough to control two gaps and capable of eating up two blockers. They'll get the chance to land someone who brings a lot of pride to trenches.

The kicker?

Oghobaase will bypass the opportunity to play in all-star games and the opportunity to enjoy the second semester of his senior season. After meeting with his counselors to discuss what classes he needs to take to graduate early, he's looking to his college future now.

"It's a done deal," he said. "I'm going to graduate early and enroll in college in the spring so I can go through spring practice and get a head start."

With the Texas Hot 100 No. 2 close to picking the five programs he'll give official visits to, he'll also need to begin scheduling those soon to fit them all in before January gets here...

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