Cat Tracks Football Yearbook

The Cat Tracks: Wildcat Insider 2004 Football Yearbook is available now. For those who are familiar with the Football Yearbook, we think this is out best looking issue ever. This year's issue also signifies the start of our Southern Arizona-wide newsstand distribution.

The Football Yearbook is a 64-page, glossy publication devoted solely to Arizona football. It has a cover price of $4.99, the same as the monthly 40-page magazine. The magazine was mailed out on Monday and will be on newsstands around Tucson and Southern Arizona next Tuesdays. Some of the stores that will carry the publication include Frys, Bashas, Safeway, Walgreens, Albertsons and QuikMart. Can't wait that long? Both Tucson area Borders will have copies Tuesday afternoon.

The issue covers all facets of the 2004 edition of Wildcat football from the players, to the coaches to the opponents. The issue has bios, interviews and lots of analysis. We break down every position player by player. We take a look at each of the opponents on the Wildcats' schedule. We have features on Mike Bell, Teddy Bruschi, Mike Stoops and the assistant coaches. We break down what this team needs to do to win, plus throw in our own two cents.

We guarantee this will be the most in-depth publication devoted solely to Wildcat football.


*Letter from the Editor…pg. 2
*Five key questions for success…pgs. 4-8
*A Conversation with Mike Stoops…pg. 10
*The Quarterbacks…pgs. 12-15
*The Running Backs…pgs. 16-18
*The Wide Receivers…pgs. 20-22
*The Tight Ends…pgs. 24-26
*The Offensive Line…pgs. 28-30
*Assistant coaches have the pedigree for winning…pg. 31
*The Defensive Ends…pgs. 32-34
*The Defensive Tackle…pgs. 36-38
*The Linebackers…pgs. 40-42
*The Defensive Backs…pgs. 44-46
*Building Traditions: Fourth time is a charm…pg. 47
*Special Teams…pg. 48-49
*The real Mike Bell is ready to run…pg. 50
*Determination continues to guide Bruschi…pg. 51
*Opponent Profiles…pg. 54-57
*The Grid Report…pg. 58
*Stoops goes against conventional wisdom in selecting Arizona…pg. 60

If you don't live in Tucson you can still get a copy of the issue. The easiest way is to subscribe. Call (520) 327-0705 or 1-800-765-8632. You can also subscribe ON-LINE. A 12-month subscription is just $49.99 a year, which includes 10 regular issues plus the football and basketball yearbooks. You can also subscribe to both the website, the Insiders Recruiting Handbooks and the Cat Tracks: Wildcat Insider magazine for only $99.99. Click here for a TOTAL ACCESS PASS.

You can also get the Yearbook by itself. The issue costs just 4.99 + $2.50 shipping and handling. Call (520) 327-0705 or 1-800-765-8632 for more information. You can also e-mail us at

If you haven't read Cat Tracks before, we think this is a great time to check us out. If you've been a longtime reader, we think you'll love what we've done.

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