State Recruiting Rankings. Also released today are Arizona, Indiana and Arkansas. On deck for Wednesday are Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, and Kentucky."> State Recruiting Rankings. Also released today are Arizona, Indiana and Arkansas. On deck for Wednesday are Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, and Kentucky.">

Ranking the best in Arizona

The state of New Jersey leads the way today with <a href=""> State Recruiting Rankings</a>. Also released today are Arizona, Indiana and Arkansas. On deck for Wednesday are Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, and Kentucky.

There is a plethora of talent in the Garden State this season and big Eugene Monroe leads the way for New Jersey Top 30. Monroe is the nation's top offensive line prospect and he is headed out of state to play for Virginia. "Eugene Monroe is the cream of a very strong crop from New Jersey," said Bob Lichtenfels, East Recruiting Analyst for "Monroe has it all -- size, mobility, he has an exceptional wingspan which is key for a bookend tackle. At 6-7, he plays low which is remarkable for a big kid to do consistently. He can drive you into the ground or finesse you." Other major players are linebackers Brian Cushing, Lamont Robinson, and Jerome Hayes, cornerbacks Michael Ray Garvin and Mike Brown, safety Kitt Pommells and defensive tackle Kade Weston. "Kade Weston is a brute force," said Lichtenfels. He can plug holes and stop the run and he is fast enough to chase down quarterbacks and opposing ball carriers behind the line of scrimmage. Kade's big time." Arizona Top 15 is comprised of some talented prospects like Ekom Udofia (left), Terry Longbons, Daniel Borg and others. "Ekom Udofia is my number one player in the state this year," said Andrew Friedman, Southwest Recruiting Analyst of "This defensive tackle from Scottsdale is one of the top five at his position in the nation. He has great quickness and speed for his size at 6-1, 290 pounds. This is an outstanding year for running backs with the top two, Xavier Smith and Terry Longbons, already committed to Arizona. The top fullback, Matt Clapp, is committed to Oklahoma. There are at least four others that will land at D-1 schools. It is also a strong year for offensive lineman with as many as six players guaranteed big time scholarships."

The Hoosier State is known for producing basketball talent more so than football talent. However, this season, especially at the top, there are some super football prospects like J.B. Paxson (right) and Selwyn Lymon, as they sit atop Indiana Top 20. "J.B. Paxson is a high motor, sack machine and several college recruiters have already compared J.B with Georgia's David Pollack," said Chris Pool, Midwest Recruiting Analyst. "Paxson had 21 sacks as a sophomore and 27 more as a junior. J.B. is on everyone's wish list. Ft. Wayne (Harding) wide receiver Selwyn Lymon is so good that several college recruiters said that he's better than 2003 All-American Fred Davis. The 6-foot-5, 190-pounder has 4.4 speed. Lymon is a track star that plays football. He's such a good athlete that Harding head coach Sherwood Hadock lined Selwyn up at quarterback for the first game of the 2004 season. Sleepers? Keep an eye on Bishop Chatard's Frank Halliburton and Roncalli's Tim Sergi."

What side of the ball will Little Rock (Ark.) Oak Grove standout Darren McFadden (left) play on? McFadden, a potential running back or safety leads Arkansas Top 20. "Darren McFadden is one of the top overall athletes in the south this year," said Scott Kennedy, South Recruiting Analyst for "While we have him listed as a running back, he has the ability to play several positions on the next level. He made a very early commitment to Arkansas, and the Razorbacks will have the luxury of projecting his position. He has the size of a big running back/linebacker, and he has the speed to play safety.

"Arkansas has several other players that will be recruited for multiple positions. Slick Shelley could end up playing wide receiver or even tight end. Jamar Love is a guy that can play defensive back or wide receiver, and Kevin Thornton is a multi-faceted player as well. All of the players at the top of the heap in Arkansas could end up playing positions other than what they were recruited for. That versatility makes them very attractive prospects."

Coming on Wednesday Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, and Kentucky.

2004 Preseason State Rankings

Miller Safrit contributed to this report.

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