How firm is Finley?

A lot is being reported about Jermichael Finley and how firm his commitment to Arizona is. Although there are many different reports, most of them are true at the time they are released. Earlier in the day it was reported that the Diboll athlete was going to take a number of visits. While that seems to have been true earlier in the day, that doesn't seem to be the case now.

"He's 100% Arizona," said a close family friend who wished to remain anonymous. "He wants to play basketball for Coach Olson and football with Coach Stoops."

Apparently, the big receiver is being pulled in a number of different directions. While the family friend would not directly point fingers, he made it sound as if high school coaches and other friends are not sold on him becoming a Wildcat.

"Everybody's pulling him here and pulling him there," the friend said. Tonight Finley, his grandmother and a few others close to the family sat down to discuss the commitment. After a few hours of discussion the family decided that Arizona was the best place for him.

"Everything is cool," the family friend explained. "We all decided that it is the best place for him. His grandmother, who has raised him for most of his life, feels it is the best place for him. We all felt both sports are a perfect fit. Football is rebuilding, but we think they'll get it done. And Arizona basketball, it doesn't get better than that."

So how has all this miscommunication happened? According to Finley it is a combination of his not wanting to say anything bad about other schools, being asked leading questions and being misquoted or having his quotes taken out of context.

"They ask him about some school and if he says ‘yeah they throw the ball a lot", then they'll write that Jermichael likes that school."

Although the family is sold on Arizona right now, there is a long time before signing day in February. With all of the outside pressure to check out other schools, it could be a rough couple of months for Finley.

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