J.P. Prince setting visits

JP Prince is one of the fastest risers in the 2005 class. He has the size, the skill and the pedigree. Prince is very high on Arizona and will be visiting Tucson soon. So is he the guy for the Wildcats?

J.P. Prince is a 6-7 point guard from Memphis who has drawn comparisons to Shaun Livingston, Penny Hardaway and his own cousin Tayshaun Prince.

Prince has risen in the ranking since the start of the summer and is currently the fourth ranked point guard in the class. Prince is a great passer, especially for a player his size and can score a variety of ways. He started turning heads last year, but really started attracting the interest of big time schools late in the summer.

Right now Arizona, NC State, Florida, Vanderbilt, Memphis and Oklahoma lead for his services. All but the hometown Tigers are expected to get visits. Right now he's expected to visit Tucson the weekend of September 24th.

Arizona is the only western school on the list, but that does not seem to be a big deal to Prince.

"I have no problem gong way," Prince said.

Rumors have surfaced that it is between the Wildcats and Memphis, but Prince has denied those reports.

"Right now they are all even," he insisted. "They are all on the same level."

Prince is no different from most players in the fact that he loves the Wildcats' style of play and their tradition of developing players, especially guards.

"I love the way they get up and down the floor and score a lot," Prince explained. "They always have great athletes on the wing. Plus they have a great tradition of point guards."

Prince may be slated to make all five visits, but he isn't shy in saying that when he finds the right school he'll know it.

"Whenever I feel comfortable I'll pull the trigger. If I find the right school I'll know it."

He has an advantage that most recruits do not. Not only was his cousin a big time recruit, but his father has been on the other end of it. J.P.'s dad used to coach for Memphis and knows all the ends and outs of recruiting.

"My dad recruited people for 20 years. The people that call my house, he knows them. If you deal with me you have to be straight up because we'll find out regardless. He tells me where I shouldn't go to school but he won't tell me where I should go to school."

At 6-7 and only 175 pounds he has drawn a lot of comparisons to both his cousin and Livingston. They are comparisons he doesn't shy away from.

"I'm like Shaun Livingston with my passing and my size," Prince said. "On defense I am more like my cousin Tayshaun. I use my size to really disrupt things. I am also like a Lamar Odom type when it comes to scoring. I can take smaller players down low, but I can also shoot from the perimeter if that is what I need to do."

Despite the size and variety of skills, Prince wants to play point guard in college and the teams on his list want him to fill that spot.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Prince seems to really like the Wildcats and vice versa. With Chris Douglas-Roberts picking a new favorite every week, Prince may really be the answer for the Cats' search for a backcourt player. There has been some concern by observers about his offense, but he is so athletic and skilled that any deficiencies could be easily remedied.

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