Nic Costa Q&A

Nic Costa is embracing his new role with the Wildcat football team. Since his move from quarterback to a hybrid ‘slash' position, he's seen a lot more reps and will become a dangerous weapon for the Arizona offense. Costa spoke about the changes.

How is it playing receiver, after three years at quarterback?

Nic Costa: "It's a little bit different. Just going out there and running routes and trying to learn new positions is always exciting."

Is it really that exciting?

Costa: "It is because I am still playing quarterback in some situations, but then I'm also utilizing my speed in other situations, getting the ball in the open field and hopefully breaking some tackles"

How much were you aware that this change could be coming? Dd you prepare much over the summer?

Costa: "Coach told me at the beginning of spring that is what he wanted. He wanted me to play wide receiver, quarterback, I still have to learn running back. That's coming along pretty soon. I'm just trying to learn all of these different positions, trying to utilize my talents."

You bring a lot of diversity to the offense, does it add a lot to what the defenses have to prepare for?

Costa: "I think it does. It's always going to confuse the defense being out there, if you have two quarterbacks out there. Most of the teams in the Pac-10 know that I'm a quarterback. I'm going to come out there and throw balls as well. Having two guys out there, you don't know what we're going to throw at you, it's always going to confuse the defense. Our defense has to get used to it, and they see it on a regular basis. Teams that we are playing have not seen anything like that and they probably aren't going to out of any other teams in out league. It's kind of exciting."

How does your mind set change now that you are playing so many different places?

Costa: "Being a quarterback helps me know routs, know concepts and know depths and where I need to be. Blocking assignments, I'm not too keen on those yet. I think the last time I blocked I was in Pop Warner. I've got to learn that again, but I think I'll be okay."

When will you start working at running back?

Costa: "He's (Mike Canales) mentioned it to me but he doesn't know when. We're just putting in our base offense right now. Those types of things are going to come along, probably at the beginning of the season, into the season."

Are you having fun?

Costa: "I am. It's new, it's different. Coming out here, running around catching balls is something I have never done before. It's fun,, but when we condition at the end it's also hard because you've been running routes all day long. Now I know what wideouts go through, so I'm a little easier on them when they are dogging a little bit on some routes."

There are not many quarterbacks with your size in the NFL, but there are several receivers with your size and speed. Did you have any thought to future when you made the move?

Costa: "That's true. If that is where my future takes me, then that is where my future takes me. Right now I'm just looking at helping our team and I know that wide receiver isn't the only place I'm going to be helping our team. I'm just looking to get on the field and make plays."

Any thoughts to you returning kicks?

Costa: "I am actually on the kick return team. So we'll see what happens on that. I'm just playing everything. They call me ‘slash', coaches tell me I need a half red, half white jersey because I'm playing quarterback sometimes and sometimes I'm live and the defense needs to when I'm live and that is why I don't wear the red jersey anymore."

Have you had to do any extra studying to prepare for the move?

Costa: "No, I remember things and knowing the offense from being a quarterback. Picking up the run blocks and the run fits, that's not necessarily too difficult. Remembering what you have to do is easy, being able to do it is a little hard. Remembering those things after learning a couple offenses and going through different coaching styles, it's not hard to pick up."

Is it good having a coach who understands your diversity?

Costa: "He had a guy kind of like me at NC State, coach Canales did, and he utilized him much in the way that they are going to use me. He's used to it. Hopefully he'll use me in those ways."

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