Williams looking for home

The month of September will be very busy for Marcus Williams. The swingman from Seattle will be visiting some of the elite programs in the nation, including two of the last three national champions. The Wildcats get a visit and from all accounts Arizona is in good shape.

Marcus Williams is looking at Maryland, Texas and UConn in addition to Arizona. There has been some talk that Oklahoma is still trying to get involved as well. He heads to Maryland the weekend of September 10th and will visit Tucson and Storrs in successive weekends. Williams is looking forward to getting on the road.

"I'm definitely looking forward to it," Williams said. "I sure am not dreading it."

The Wildcats will actually make an in-home visit the day he gets back from Maryland and then host him in Tucson the next weekend.

While Williams won't list a favorite, he does confess that he may not need to take five visits.

"I'll take at least three visits, but I could decide after that," he explained.

Part of the reason that he won't list a favorite is that he does not want to give other schools a reason to think that he is not interested. He knows a lot can change after he gets on campus and he does not want to mess anything up.

He says that all of the schools are recruiting him pretty aggressively and that is what he wants.

"I want to go somewhere I'm wanted," Williams said. "I want them to have a real interest in me. Right now they are coming after me all the same. They all call me and I am calling them when I can."

Not only does Williams want to go where he is wanted, he wants a program that he feels at home with. He wants things to click with the staff, the players and the student body as a whole.

"Obviously I want a good relationship with the coach," said Williams. "I want someone I can connect with, someone I can talk to. On my visit I want to spend a lot of time with the players, that's the most important thing.

"When I am making my visits school should be in session. I really want to experience campus life and see how it will be like when I am there. I also want to play with the guys and see how I fit in in the hoop environment.

"I'm really just looking to educate myself about each school."

Williams had a very solid summer, but he felt that he could play better. He's on the thin side so he has begun lifting harder and has put himself on a diet that is designed to help add muscle. He's hired a personal trainer he works with three times a week and works out twice a week on his own.

"I want to raise my game," he said. "I want to get even better. I can improve on a lot of things."

He will play for a new head coach at Seattle's Roosevelt High School. After the initial shock wore off Williams realized that the change could be a blessing.

"He brings a very different intensity. I think we may be a better team with him."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: I love Williams' game. He can do a lot of things and is a tireless worker. He's also a smart kid and should fit into the program very well. He's also a three to four year player and could be a nice compliment to one of the ‘Big Three' wings that the Cats are pursuing. Williams has ‘all but' been offered and if a firm scholarship offer comes on his visit there is a chance he could leave Tucson a Wildcat.

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