Kansas Surges In Miles Recruitment

You know what C.J. Miles did after a 7 hour car ride from Kansas? He went into the gym to work on his game. Impressive huh? Apparently not as impressive as KU was to Miles.

There is no doubt about it; C.J. Miles loved his visit to Kansas. The 6-foot-5 wing out of Skyline High School in Dallas, Tex., had a big time visit to Kansas and right now they are the team to beat for his services.

Miles enjoyed the visit, but didn't pull the trigger for the Jayhawks. "No, I didn't commit but it was good," Miles said. "It's going to be tough for somebody to beat them.

"As of right now unless somebody does something better than that, that's where I'm going."

The Jayhawks hit the road for a preseason tournament next week in Canada and are able to practice and scrimmage. Miles took in a scrimmage Saturday afternoon in Lawrence.

Miles says he was particularly impressed with the support for the program. "I already knew the playing time and who was leaving. I saw all the support they get and all the people around.

The No. 10 prospect in America has scheduled visits to Georgia Tech, Texas, North Carolina and Arizona and now thinks that that taking five visits might not happen.

"Right now, I guess the reason I couldn't decide is that I want to see somewhere else before I make a decision," Miles said. "I've seen Texas and I can go see them. I've seen Kansas. I don't know if I'm going to take all five. I doubt I do though."

What would a school have to do to catch Kansas? "I guess they'll have to have a great atmosphere. I guess the reason why I haven't done it is because I had only seen one campus that is in my top five."

One of the things that separates Miles from the rest of the pack in 2005 is what he brings to the table. Here's a kid who drove 7 hours to Lawrence with his family and as soon as he got back headed for the gym to workout.

"I took some time off and I had to get back in there. This is what I do: school, the gym and home."

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