Wood ready for his college debut

It's been a wild ride for Brad Wood. Just a few months ago he was participating in Pima Community College's spring drills. Then he caught the eye of Mike Stoops. Soon he had a scholarship offer and was working out with the Wildcats. Not only did Wood catch on with the Cats, but he looks to have a prominent role with the Wildcats.

Wood was a standout at Sabino, but didn't like his offers out of high school and decided to go to Pima instead of a lesser program. He had a solid freshman season, but was planning on a second season for Jeff Scurran's club.

Then the offer from the Wildcats came and Wood quickly jumped at the chance to play for the hometown Wildcats.

How exciting is it to finally get things started?

Brad Wood: "It's real exciting. We get to start the season off at home. We get to see how all our hard work over the summer and practice has paid off, so hopefully it will be good for us."

Did you think six months ago that you'd be preparing for NAU? How big of an adjustment has it been?

Wood: "It's been a great adjustment. I never pictured that I'd be here with such a great staff. It's definitely a great place to be. A new staff and new everything. The players around here are definitely excited to get going. We just want to come out on Saturday and do the best we can and hopefully start out with something great."

You actually have a chance to have a bigger role with the Wildcats than you did last season at Pima.

Wood: "I contributed at Pima. I'm just doing whatever the coaches here tell me to do and hopefully I can contribute in some way or help the team win."

The H-back spot is a very versatile spot. You, Nic Costa and Syndric Steptoe are among the players who can line up in the spot. Can you explain just what we can expect from the H-back?

Wood: "We have different guys playing it. Hopefully different guys can contribute in different ways by catching the ball of blocking. All of us have the ultimate goal of contributing to the team and helping us win. That's all we want to do."

What's the attitude of the team?

Wood: "We're anxious. We're real anxious. We just want to get out there and see what we can do. Especially for these seniors, they want to come out and they want to play hard and play as well as they can now, because they don't want to wait for the future. All of the rest of the guys want to help them do that and do the best we can." How many friends and family members are you going to have at the game?

Wood: "A lot. They are coming out and supporting the team. That's what we like, having the town supporting us and being behind us."

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Wood has been a very pleasant surprise. He gained enough weight that he is an option at tight end and H-back. He's a very good receiver and is not afraid to mix it up a bit as a blocker. Expect a few passes to come his way on Saturday.

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