GameTalk: UA 21, NAU 3

Arizona beat NAU 21-3. Were the Cats pleased with the win or did they feel they could have played better. Here is the word from the locker room about the game.

NAU Head Coach Jerome Souers

On the game:
"We showed a lot of grit tonight…I am proud of these kids."

"There is no reason to make excuses. I know we can play better."

NAU Running Back Roger Robinson

On the personal foul:
"The personal foul was dumb on my part, it cost my team 15 yards."

NAU Wide Out Kory Mahr

"I knew I had to go back in after I got hit. I wanted to go out and keep fighting because I owe it to myself to give 100 percent."

Arizona Safety Darrell Brooks

On the hit on Kory Mahr:
"As soon as I was able to see the quarterback rolling out, I just came down hill, and as soon as he turned around I just tried to get everything I had into him…I don't know what happened to him, is he all right?"

On happiness this year:
"Coach Stoops was saying all week that games are a whole lot easier than practice, and he never lied. This is the funnest day I've had since Coach Stoops has been here.

Arizona Wide Receiver Syndric Steptoe

On the game:
"I felt we could have played better, but that's football and that's life and I felt we played OK in the fourth quarter." n the team:
"I'm not really the go to receiver because we got a repertoire of receivers right now that everybody can catch the ball and everybody can go down the field and make plays."

Arizona Running Back Mike Bell

On possible frustration:BR> "Yeah there was a lot of frustration. I think a lot of the times last year we would have just gave up and sunk in, but this time we have a great coaching staff that help us persevere."

On the fourth quarter:
"People just started playing together and executing assignments and people were excited and emotional back in the huddle and we understand that things aren't always going to go our way."

On the upcoming week:
"We have a lot of work to do. The good thing is we know we can fix it so I think that going into Utah, we're going to practice really hard, and play better than we played this weekend."

On the offense being vanilla:
"Yeah [it was] but I think we can get way better and the offense line did a great job and I have to give so much credit to them...and the offensive line is doing a good job helping me screen."

Arizona Head Coach Mike Stoops

Opening Statement:
"I'm very excited about the way our team played overall, I thought it was a great win for us…I wish we could have done some things better, but what a great test of our toughness, our conditioning, just everything about this program. It was really fun to watch."

On the team:
"I love the way our team played. I think we got the makings of a great football team. There's a lot of things we need to clean up. I like the way Mike Bell ran the ball. I like the way Kris Heavner threw the ball…We can't put ourselves behind the chains, and you see that we're not really good that we can do that. That was the only thing offensively that was really disheartening."

On Defense:
"Defensively couldn't be more pleased with the way we played all night. I thought our position on the ball was fabulous…Very few mistakes…It meant a lot to keep them out of the endzone that last minute and a half…To see them take pride in that is very rewarding."

On the cornerbacks performance:
"It could have been as good a performance as I've ever seen from two corners."

On Kris Heavner:
"He was pretty much flawless. We put a lot of pressure on him and I think his mechanics were great all night."

On first game:
"That was as tough as any game I've ever played in."

On feelings/thoughts before running onto field for first time:
"I didn't know what to do…I was just kind of mixing in. It's no big deal to me. I thought I was defensive coordinator."

On Mike Bell:
"We rode that horse pretty hard tonight. Mike is a fabulous athlete. Probably ran him a little too much, probably should have subbed him a little bit more."

On being head coach for the first time:>
"I just went out there and did what I always do."

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