Julian Wright pick-up evaluation, day 2

Julian Wright's second day of pickup featured more of the same as his first. Wright failed to shine in his second day of pickup, however a few big plays showed his obvious skill.

Scoring sparingly, Wright showed his ability to crash the boards well, get numerous offensive rebounds, and get the easy put-back. Wright hustles well on the offensive and defensive glass alike, however there are other areas where his ability to hustle, can struggle.

Wright began each game hustling hard in all aspects of his game. Unfortunately, towards the end of each game, he got slower and appeared less motivated to play. Although this is all relative, because he had played many games in a row, with little or any rest.

Wright's ability to score the lay in and attack the boards was very clear, but his ability to hit a jumper remained to be seen. With a jump shot that needs work, Wright will turn into a very good player, but there are some things to work on. The jump shot needs work.

For Wright to be a strong member of the Arizona team in the future, he needs to work on his jump shot. In addition, he needs to stop the dunking. Often trying, and often missing dunks, the Wildcats need a player who will not showboat and will give up the ball as well as crash the boards hard when the time comes. Arizona has had players who have dunked often in the past with disappointing results.

While Wright failed to shock anybody during the pickup, many other players showed great strides from last season. Salim Stoudamire never got down on himself when missing a shot.

Last season Stoudamire would have trouble getting himself back into the game after missing a few shots early on. This time, instead of getting upset, he would say, "Dang it," and focus on the next time down the floor and play hard defense.

Slowly but surely, his shot came back after a few misses and eventually he couldn't miss. Stoudamire obviously grew from last season learning not to get down on himself. He proved himself on the court, and showed an enormous amount of growth in the offseason, and will be a fun player to watch.

Mustafa Shakur is a much better ball-handler this season compared to last, and has gotten much more vocal. Last season, there was no clear ball handler or leader on the floor. This season, Shakur has taken that role, and has filled it well. Nice passing as well as superb shooting by Shakur has proven that he is a player to watch this season.

Channing Frye is looking even better that he was last season. Frye was shooting extremely well, and was not afraid to crash the boards. Frye has bulked up over the summer and has added tone to his muscles, and will be the go-to big guy this season.

This upcoming basketball season should be fun to watch with an added team chemistry, and improvements by all the players. Whether or not Wright will come to Arizona remains to be seen, but they will pick up a great player if he does.

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